Astrodharma Transit Report: December 2017


WE ALL HAVE VICES. Thank God pedophilia is not one of them. It’s sickening and unforgivable, right? Ah, but why, then, did we incarnate at a time when thousands of these vile creatures are being outed worldwide? Why did we invite this particular breed of molestation into our waking dream? And more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: November 2017


Ah, November: that scandal-outing interval when the whole planet turns into a confession booth. Time to pull back the projected self-hatred toward those bumbling “Pluto square Mars” souls like Harvey Weinstein and re-aim the “witch hunt” at our own premature penetrations. What’s that you say? You’re pretty Weinstein-free? Careful. We all more>

The Most Hateful Thing About Astrology

THE MOST HATEFUL thing about astrology is not that it’s woo-woo enough to link faraway planetary positions with the colors of personality, but how it pushes us to face our meditative mediocrity. After all…

If every mortal psyche is somehow tweaked by the way starry constellations hang in the sky (a.k.a. the void’s passing mood), more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: October 2017


THE FIRST SEVEN days of October poke at us until we allow the willful speck we call “me” to fizz and dissolve, Alka Seltzer-like, into the Great Mystery. Trying to speed up the story being told through you so your mind can race ahead for a glimpse of the final more>

Astrodharma Transit Update: September 2017


DURING THE FIRST week of September, the continuing transit of Mercury retrograde conjuncts Mars in the exact degree of last month’s solar eclipse (29 degrees Leo). Impatient to pivot onto those new trajectories revealed during last month’s Solar eclipse? Feeling revved up with no clear, action steps more>

Four Styles of Prostration

The impulse to reverently lower one’s head is downloaded into our DNA. The body is driven to assume the shape of varying degrees of prostration, no matter how godless or irreverent we think we are. Why? Because moving the atomized Aries head in the direction of the pressed-together world of the Pisces feet captures, with more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: August 2017


Eclipse is in the air. Mercury Retrograde too. How nimbly will you navigate this “Eclipseograde?” Depends on how elegantly you straddle the Leo/Aquarius polarity and become “you without you,” “space with a face.”

Eclipseogrades demand unusual amounts of humility and self-reckoning. Why? Because, in their zeal to upgrade individual and collective consciousness, Eclipseogrades more>

Astrodharma Tour Guide for July 2017

THE HEAVENS ARE emotional this month. Thought you might like to download this handy chart (from the upcoming Styles of Awakening Training) so you can track- and bring a tender witness to- your ego’s unique brand of reactivity. The point? You can catch these personal narratives playing out; that means they are happening within a more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: July 2017


THE FIRST DAYS of July shudder and quake into an intense, shadow-erupting full Moon (conjunct Pluto/opposed Mars) on the 8/9th. Notice: awareness is being pummeled with emotional content. Digest! Egos feel extra-vulnerable now and are, therefore, prone to icy assertion and control. The slightest tinge of a threat or more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: June 2017


JUNE IS A STAGE SET for electrically charged communication and the sly art of interBeing. The Venus/Pluto square has finished purging the shadow elements of our relationships and the jerky, gas/brake motion of the Mars/Saturn opposition is fading fast. Now comes the gutsy, “fear forward” energy that is Venus conjunct Uranus more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: May 2017



YOU AND ME and Kim Jong Un have something vital in common: all three of us are wrapped in a trance-inducting membrane that we were conditioned to call “my face.” Day after delirious day, all three of us keep missing what this rubbery constellation of features more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: April 2017


APRIL IS A BARRAGE of backwardation. It begins with the continuing Venus Retrograde (until the 15th) followed by Saturn retro on the 6th, and Mercury and Pluto going retro on the 20th. A key player in this orgy of introspection is Saturn, who forms a more>

Venus Retrograde: A Six Week Crash Course in Meditative Relating

MARCH BEGINS with a six week crash course in meditative relating (Venus retrograde, March 4- April 15), accompanied by an fortuitous “finish the project” trine between Mars and Saturn (March 1-15). Next comes a body/mind house-cleaning ceremony on the full Moon in Virgo on March 12th. Yes, its time to pull out the juicer more>

Awakening in the Age of Trump

SINCE THE ELECTION of Trump, a stunning number of so-called “spiritual” people have shown their true colors. It appears that many consider mental violence — so long as it is accurately demonizing — a valid step towards Self-realization.

Regardless of whether folks are for or against Trump, most seem to agree that the U.S. more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: February 2017



THE FIRST WEEK of February is a ramp up to the Feb 10th Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo. To understand this fertile patch of darkness we’ll need to dive into the Leo/Aquarius polarity.

Aquarius is the part of the ego that loves humanity, but is ambivalent about the more>

Full Spectrum Vision: The Enlightened Endgame of The Styles of Awakening Training

IMAGINE RECEIVING “a three-month astrology reading.” That’s how Gen from Boulder, Colorado described the Styles of Awakening Training. Surely, it would be (as another Styles graduate put it) “a rare opportunity to develop full spectrum vision.”

An intriguing phrase, no? But what, exactly, does “full spectrum vision” mean? Best to begin with what it’s not: more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: January 2017


A GOOD METAPHOR for this year is the increasingly popular Death Cafe — where people “drink tea, eat cake and discuss death.” Here we have the friendly detachment of Uranus forming an unlikely alliance with death-reckoning Pluto in a way that inspires deeper Jupiter meaning and perspective. This “camaradarie-through-self-reckoning” theme continues throughout all more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: December 2016


Fast on the heels of the November 29th New Moon in Sag which conspired to pivot us onto a more adventurous, soul-liberating trajectory, our thoughts become more sober and strategic as Mercury enters Capricorn on December 2nd.

And with good reason. The second half of December is a more>

Astrodharma Transit Report: November 2016


Good news! The drama of the U.S. presidential election makes Game of Thrones look like a game show. What’s so good about that? Well, it means that samsara is doing its job. The smell of ego is becoming so nauseating that we’re being driven to a choice point: become septic more>

The Hillary & Donald Show: A twisted mindfulness practice for a twisted election

This emotionally charged U.S. presidential election- when harnessed as a meditative self-inquiry practice- has the power to expose and release us from our go-to styles of aversion and reactivate the sublime, soul-seeing awareness that we truly are. Here’s the practice:

  Step One: Exaggerate your disdain

As you watch, listen to or speak about the more>

Relational Reset


NOW THAT THE Mercury retrograde/eclipse season is over, we enter a well-earned grace period.

On September 30th the New Moon in Libra (conjunct buoyant Jupiter, trine mergey Neptune) set an amorous, opportune tone for the month. A great time to nourish and reinvigorate our relationships.

How? By listening others into Being. By playfully more>

September 2016 Transit Update


REMEMBER LAST MARCH? For many, it was a mind-bending morph into a new life. Why? Because it was an unusually Piscean eclipse season. Six months later, we find ourselves passing through another pair of Solar and Lunar eclipses. This time, however, the life-pivots unfold in the shadow more>

Soul-Seeing Skills: Why you need ’em & how to get ’em


FOR MOST OF US, the road to a stabilized “fullness of Being” is painful and bumpy. Over and over, life says, “upgrade your soul-seeing skills or suffer.” By grace, we eventually confess: It’s nothing short of masochism to abandon our true position as awareness, itself. Finally, we learn to move as a timeless more>

Hillary & Donald: Astro-Buddhist Mind Trainers Extaordinaire



AS AN ASTROLOGER, I practice a form of extroverted mysticism. The object of worship: the divine personality embryonically displayed in the face of everyone. “Sin?” Absenting myself from soul-seeing relationship.

This means I am vocationally obligated to recognize Hillary and Donald as the stinging zen sticks that they are; to take the more>

August Transit Update: Whale Song Then Media Fast



THE PROBLEM WITH meditation is that it turns most conversation into subtitled whale song. Weird. Why not let The Incomprehensible speak for itself? Indeed, according to the latest computer data-mining, ego is preoccupied with only six thematic story lines:

1) Rise-fall-rise, 2) Fall-rise-fall, 3) Rise-fall, 4) Fall-rise, 5) Steady fall, 6) Steady more>