Are You a Pre-Pedophile?

WE ALL HAVE VICES. Thank God pedophilia is not one of them. It’s sickening and unforgivable, right? Ah, but why, then, did we incarnate at a time when thousands of these sad creatures are being outed worldwide? Why did we invite this particular breed of molestation into our waking dream? And why are these unprecedented pedophile roundups so under-reported? Clearly some part of us would rather this dream stayed uninterpreted.

My take: a critical mass of people are now suffering from a subtle, asymptomatic form of “Pre-pedophilia” and the collective psyche is now out-picturing the sickness so we can nip it at the bud. Pre-pedophilia is not so hard to confess, really, once you understand that all souls have a slavish attraction to un-crushed innocence.

Think about it. Soldiers will gladly fight to protect what they consider to be defenseless and pure. Whether it be women, children, the homeland, a purity-preserving principle or a religious/political/cultural way of life, the soul is compelled to defend whatever shines with timeless virtue. Since the Martian hero impulse is baked into the collective cake, it’s futile to try and stop all wars. Instead, we need to fight together to protect something more universal and profound than isolated, temporary expressions of purity and innocence. Instead, we will need to defend that which the innocent and unblemished are a mere fragrance of: the Unborn.


Minus a daily savoring of our own and other’s ageless innocence (via meditation or meditative relating), it’s just a matter of time before our appetite for the otherworldly devolves into time-killing, techy escapism, feverishly hardened me-stories (designed to eclipse ego on a countdown), mind-numbing forays into porn/sex/overwork, and, for some, a twisted attraction to those souls living closest to the Unborn: little boys and girls. What do all of these escapist activities have in common? They are all crude, unsustainable attempts to make contact with a timeless dimension, immune to sickness, old age and death.

What happens when an entire society tries to materially quench an otherworldly appetite? In short, cynicism. Our passion for life devolves into a lukewarm self-preservation impulse that, understandably, demands that we extinguish the innocence that so painfully failed us. We touch — then crassly dispose of — whatever teases us with flashes of no-time and no-self. This pornographic swing between intoxication and sobriety, the holy and the harsh, is preferable to an uninterrupted march toward death, reasons ego. Welcome to the innocence-parched logic of the pedophile.

So how bout you? Have your eyes become dark basements that pedophile the angelic motivations of unfashionable personalities? Do you mentally rape the innocent from a distance? Do you allow moments of ego-dissolving communion to drift quickly into opinionated role play and “the intimacy of shared aversion?” Do you thrust judgement at hurt little boys and girls dressed up as adults because they remind you of your own lost innocence?

Seems to me, society is at a choice point: either we become “mystical detectives” parting the veil of personality to savor an Undying Presence in the throes of waking up to itself or we become bedfellows with the pedophiles, grabbing at the flesh of the world for a flicker of deranged absorption.


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