Styles of Awakening Training

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The 1 Year Training
Begins Jan 1, 2018

The 3-Month Training
Jan 1 – Mar 26, 2018

THIS IS AN EXPERIENTIAL COURSE — the one I wish had been available to me when I began my study of astrology more than twenty-five years ago. Surely, it would have whisked me straight past all the skin-deep labels (that I would later need to unlearn) and given me a direct experience of the positively-intended heart of each archetype. The material is presented through weekly comprehensive email packets and mentoring calls, where you will learn where and how each archetype is operating in your chart.

A kind of owner’s manual for the human psyche, this in-depth training will empower you to not only better honor your own style of awakening, but to more accurately see, respect and support a full spectrum of body/minds — whether they be total strangers or those you claim to know and love. You will no longer merely “like” or “feel uncomfortable” around people; you will know which styles of awakening you are elevating or belittling in yourself.

By popular demand, I am now offering a year-long version of the three-month Styles of Awakening Training starting on January 1, 2018. This online mentorship will be offered only on the first of each year. Perfect for folks whose schedules are tight and who want more time to savor the material. What we do in a week in the intensive 3-month training, we will do in a month in the year-long — one archetype per month, and one personal mentoring call per month.

To complete your registration, please send me an email introducing yourself, and see important terms below. Now payable in two installments — email me for info.

3-month Training with twelve, 30-minute individual mentoring calls – $750

Year-Long Training with twelve 1 hr. individual mentoring calls – $1,200.00  


Improve your relationship to yourself and others by becoming archetypally literate and developing your ability to intuitively recognize and work with the archetypes in their higher and lower octave expressions.

Become skilled and effective at using astrology without the time-consuming, technical learning curve usually necessary to become a full-time, professional astrologer.

Learn to consciously work with your archetypal challenges and gifts — and to facilitate this for others — by learning where and how the archetypes operate in your life.

Increase your professional effectiveness by learning a powerful, intuitive method for bringing astrological and spiritual insight into the work you are already doing. And if you’re looking to change careers, did you know that astrology as a profession has been shown over the years to be recession-proof?


— Twelve phone sessions with Hunter
— Daily Astrodharma reading assignments
— Daily guided self-inquiries and perceptual tasks
— Copy of your birth chart and personal guidance in understanding how each archetype operates in you.


“Each week Hunter offers an opportunity to not only explore experiences and questions regarding the course material, but to speak with openness and curiosity about my journey as a student of astrology. He is a gifted counselor, and the regularity of contact feels generous and enlivening. I have no reservations about recommending his course.”
—James McEntee, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco



In this 12-week course, we will devote one week of study to each of the twelve divinely-ordained Styles of Awakening. Here is the basic weekly schedule, which we follow for each archetype:

Day 1 and 2: Getting inside the mind of the archetype
Developing intuitive recognition skills

Read: Reading assignment
Practice: Daily perceptual tasks
Journal: Answer guided self-inquiry questions

Day 3 and 4: Confronting personal bias
Owning projections and returning to equanimity

Read: Reading assignment
Practice: Daily perceptual tasks
Journal: Answer self-inquiry questions

Day 5 and 6: Perceiving positive intention
Dharma cures and compassion practices

Read: Reading assignment
Practice: Daily perceptual tasks
Journal: Formulate and email questions for tomorrow’s phone session

Day 7: Group or personal phone session w/Hunter

Astrodharma students are encouraged to converse and support each other via email and/or Skype. To join the conversation, simply ask to be added to the network.


— 1/2 hour of reading in the morning
— Ongoing daily perceptual tasks
— 1/2 hour for journaling exercise before retiring


Hunter is a skilled facilitator in helping others navigate the astrological realms. His information in the Styles of Awakening training is incredibly clear and concise, and his guidance throughout the training is invaluable; a must for anyone interested in beginning their astrological journey or in furthering their relationship to the signs, whether one wants to learn astrology to guide their own life or to help others with this information. I highly recommend the Styles of Awakening training and I hope at some point, he offers advanced classes.
—Maureen Collins, Twisp, WA

The Styles of Awakening Training is a truly wonder-full course. It takes you on a journey that is deep and wide, fascinating and challenging. At times, the presentation is pure poetry. With Hunter’s very present presence with you each week, you can feel safe to travel deep inside, and through his amazing insights, you wake up to new ways of seeing and being. An immeasurable gift for those who seek an authentic life.
—Jacqueline, Sardinia, Italy

Hunter embodies his work with love, integrity and professionalism. The daily readings are provocative and beautifully written, the perceptual tasks are creative and revealing, and the weekly mentoring calls challenged me to envision a broader sense of my identity and what I have to offer the world. This course planted a seed of positive transformation in my psyche.
—Paul, Vancouver, Canada

My senses are more aware of everything and my mind is quiet. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to explore human nature in its raw state with no camouflage. Always fascinating, thought provoking and challenging in a life-changing way.
—Diane, Christchurch, New Zealand

My weekly calls with Hunter over the past three months have been a bright delight. Hunter has a brilliant pen and an ease of communion over Skype. He has cast a luminous hearth-light into the fire of my understanding and re-kindled the desire to master my projections and dance consciously with the archetypes.
—Linda, Artist, London

I acknowledge your mastery and incredible articulation. Forever your student.
—G.T. Waverly, Australia

Having had the good fortune of studying with many of the best astrologers working and teaching today, I’m so thankful for making the decision to take this class and going deeper into an understanding of the astrological archetypes through Hunter’s unique approach. The course materials are rich with insights, and the daily exercises challenge me to have a more profound understanding of the archetypes, beyond the objective technical knowledge, but rather through a subjective immersion into their perceptual reality. Most days I’m not sure whether I’m benefiting more from an understanding of the Dharma through the lens of astrology or from a greater understanding of astrology through the lens of the Dharma, but I think that in tapping into the feedback loop between these two perspectives, Hunter’s work synthesizes a truly valuable process for self-knowledge and conscious awakening. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in furthering their own personal growth or in helping their clients do the same.
—Pardis, Astrologer, India

Hunter is like an astro-entomologist gently sweeping his invisible net, compassionately determined to catch fireflies and butterflies in my darkest of caves. His deep and personal understanding of the planets, with his medicine/talent/gift of holding a vast and detailed containment of elements, energies, archetypes, prayer and poetry has revealed the space in between. Adversity holds bouquets where I previously felt whips.
—Jennie, Actress, Nova Scotia

Hunter’s insights will be a great asset to understanding my students as I move forward with teaching workshops with an intuitive intentional process of painting that serves as a form of healing. The concepts are also useful now in my work in commercial telecommunications sales and connecting with my clients. Truly his insights can be useful for anyone who interacts with people while just living life! I guess that makes all of us great candidates to take the Styles Training. Thank you for your insight, creativity, work and warmth Hunter.
—Kerry, Sales Representative & Intentional Artist/Teacher, Benicia, CA

I don’t really think of the reading, writing and perceptual tasks as homework. It feels more like an adventure and I am loving it – actually in love with it, viscerally. Today when I caught myself reacting to something my mother was saying I was able to see and respond to her larger Self for the first time. It felt for me like I wasn’t opposing her and neither was I coming from being her daughter. I could feel that, for her, it felt like she was being honored and could relax. My heart sings with this work!
—J.R, Martial Arts Instructor & Vision Quest leader, Sydney Australia

This training has taken me to places I didn’t realize existed in myself. The development of compassion for myself as well as others has been life changing. I greatly appreciate Hunter and this course.
—Stephanie, Mother / Massage Therapist / Metaphysical Practitioner, Gig Harbor WA

Hunter is a poet who blends the spiritual wisdom of Buddhism with the rich psychological insights of the astrological signs and their meanings. A mind-expanding and unifying experience!
—J.C., Nurse/Astrologer, Denver CO

This course is magnificent! It has helped me gain a much deeper understanding of and empathy for myself and others and I can now begin to sense the different archetypes in people regardless of whether I know anything about their chart. I look forward to bringing another dimension of understanding, compassion and guidance to my patients. Hunter is an exquisite truth poet; a true genius of energy, word and feeling.
—Nalini, Business owner, Nevada City CA

This course has been the key to the treasure chest of understanding personalities at a deeper level. The daily exercises in the material put us in the shoes of how these other signs awaken, what they’re afraid of and the lens through which they see life. Liberating.
—Michael, Writer, Ubud, Bali

The Styles of Awakening Training has opened my heart to the archetypal expressions of people’s souls. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to feel greater insight and compassion in their relationships.
—Shannon, Student, Portland OR

Hunter’s individual attention and group facilitation creates much needed insight into our psyches and releases us from us-against-them to all-is-one. I am grateful to have participated with such a gifted astrologer.
—Lisa, Roanoke VA

I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in sharpening their perception of the astrological archetypes. Hunter’s assignments were engaging, enticing, and enlightening; his mentorship — sincere, provocative, and endearing. Anyone interested in becoming archetypally literate and busting their assumptions about the body-minds in their life would be well served to take this course. Thanks Hunter!
—Liam, School teacher/Astrologer, San Francisco CA

Hunter’s mentoring calls allow for a focused reading on just how each sign works specifically within your astrological make up. These calls keep you grounded practically within the course and Hunter’s compassionate and intuitive nature aid in putting all the theory into personal practice.
—Julia, Yoga Teacher, Toronto, Canada

As a teacher, I appreciate the new tools that help me work with the many different personalities of my students.
—Grace, Teacher, Ashland OR

Rooted as it is in everyday experience and action, each week is a new journey into an archetype that peels away ego and conditioning to peer into the language that Reality speaks. And though this is sometimes – often! – challenging and uncomfortable, I know from the expansion of my joyful, compassionate heart that there is magic at work.
—Pelin, Freelance Writer, Istanbul, Turkey

Simply put, this course has propelled my journey of self realization to extraordinary depths. Replete with beautiful aha moments, deer-in-headlights-style self-confrontation, and consequential identity shifts, the experience has been nothing short of life-altering. The Styles of Awakening Training delivers a deeper understanding of how personalities naturally interact with the universe and provides a language with which to recognize these behaviors and find compassion-filled acceptance for yourself and others.
–Danette, Assistant Director, Miami FL

Hunter is nothing short of a prodigy and has developed a fascinatingly lucid and effective mufti-faceted approach to awakening that is invigorating and nourishing to the spirit. In a matter of weeks, I have become a better communicator, listener, observer, partner, friend, and colleague. This course has been a catalyst for helping me move into my souls highest purpose and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to find deeper insight into themselves and be vastly more equipped for navigating both the inner and outer worlds we live in.
—Will, Independent Study Student, Los Angeles CA

This course has turned out to be a refreshingly engaging and personal journey, shining light on my blind spots. I felt busted more than once, and gratefully so. Self-awareness and compassion are increasing as we work through the archetypes in an inspiring and playful way. Hunter is doing an amazing job holding space and challenging us, seducing us to go places the ego would otherwise happily avoid. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for honest self-reflection and ensuing increased social competence. You will have a blast! Watch out!
—Julia, Yoga instructor, Vienna, Austria

One archetype for every week equals twelve colorful bursts of mind-expanding, heart-enriching insight into the human soul. The knowledge doesn’t stay conceptual: it trickles into daily life and shows up there in ways that are surprising and moving. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in deepening their natural wisdom and bringing clarity and joy into any relationship or setting.
—Anjeline, Researcher, Singapore

Through these new archetypal lenses, I’ve found more grace and understanding for myself: my own ego, underlying intentions and actions. Hunter holds a beautiful and safe space to facilitate understanding and personal growth. I recommend this course to anyone.
—Laurel, Administrative assistant and registrar, Los Angeles CA

Awakening each week inside of a new sign is a tremendous experiment. Hunter brings to life shadows in a way that allows me to dance with them. This course is teaching me ways to honor different aspects of myself & brings a deepening of self love & understanding.
—Pam Vitaz, Louisville KY

This course is excellent for anyone on the path towards deep understanding of the art of being human on earth. As I grasp the different archetypes, I can better ascertain if my habits serve me or not -— which places I need to develop and why I would want to do so. I love the way Hunter teaches and the deeply caring way he has gathered, crafted and disseminated this course material. I am already recommending it to many friends who are interested in this great astrology course.
—Ceslie, Business owner, San Diego CA

This is a great course to compassionately delve into the beautiful complexity of each astrological archetype. You will emerge with a deeper understanding of yourself and all those you interact with mentally, physically and spiritually. I have been amazed with what has unfolded thus far. Hunter is a master guide and explorer.
—Joanna, Doctor of Chiropractic, San Francisco

Studying astrology with Hunter is like being handed a treasure map that reveals hidden pathways, shortcuts, and traps, turning the challenge of connecting more deeply with oneself and others into a discovery process filled with exciting ah-ha moments about what is actually happening. I am now curious and intrigued by what I previously judged or dismissed. Becoming archetypically literate is really about learning to see the world through 12 different lenses rather than one, and I’m personally loving this rare opportunity to develop full spectrum vision.
—Tesa, Writer and Meditation Teacher, Ubud, Bali

The Styles of Awakening Training really presses me to live the experience of the archetypes rather than just intellectually analyze and understand them. The opportunity to have weekly check-ins with Hunter is what really makes this course — not only for the opportunity to further deepen my understanding of the material but also as a way to hold myself accountable to doing the work — something often missing in other online courses. You can go as far as you want with the material, and I feel like I’ll be continuing to digest it long after the course is over. Very illuminating.
—Lee, Geographer

Hunter’s Styles of Awakening Training is a daily exploration into the archetypical aspects of real-time life. It’s inspiring, fun, spooky (good kind), honest, compassionate, intelligent and totally awesome. It’s like a really good book where you can’t put it down and you dread that one day it will end. I haven’t felt so passionate about a course in quite some time.
—Rupa, Massage Therapist, Maui, Hawaii

Awakening requires an honest personal inquiry into the depths of our unconscious patterns. And who would go there without a handy map, loving guidance, and some entertainment along the way? If you happen to be intent on awakening compassion; called to be of service consciously aware of your gifts and challenges, I highly recommend this life-affirming, happiness-generating class.
—Nicole, Bodyworker and Counselor, San Diego

Each week Hunter offers an opportunity to not only explore experiences and questions regarding the course material, but to speak with openness and curiosity about my journey as a student of astrology. He is a gifted counselor, and the regularity of contact feels generous and enlivening. I have no reservations about recommending his course.
—James, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco

Hunter Reynolds’ writes like a poet: but unbeknownst to the reader, the very words themselves are transforming, on many levels — the mind catches up later. It is rare to find a teacher of Hunter’s caliber. He truly is a multi-dimensional counselor and guide.
–Elizabeth, Counselor, London, Ontario

Every week holds revelations that warm, disturb or break open the heart. Hunter’s unique course has not only expanded my understanding of, and compassion for, just about everyone in my life, but has also made me realize that the people I have judged most harshly are nothing less than the disowned parts of my own self. The implications are enormous.
–Alison, Yoga Teacher, Long Beach, CA

I love this course. After a revelatory reading from Hunter, I had high expectations, and they’ve been surpassed. The course is structured, obviously, according to the astrological signs, which are used as a notional guide to archetypes, or styles of awakening. The course is long and complex, so I’ll stick with describing the effect it’s had on me. I am more patient, more understanding, and also more critical. The course trims, corrects, retilts your antennae; it tells you how people are trying to be in the world. It tells you what to look for, what to not prize too much, directs you where your biases may lie, and suggests various ways forward. I am glad that I am taking this class now, at 45. I have enough experience to get it and, I hope, enough time ahead of me to use it.
—T.P. Diplomat, Athens, Greece


Missed appointments are not refundable. Calls received later than 15 minutes passed the scheduled time are considered missed. Confirmed appointments can be rescheduled only with 24 hours advance notice.

Please note: All payments for the Styles of Awakening Training and other Astrodharma Institute courses are non-refundable.