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(1.5 hours)
In this reading, we will explore ways of creatively maximizing inborn talents/strengths, making creative compensations for blind-spots/weaknesses, and addressing your specific questions and concerns. Included is a detailed discussion of the opportunities and cautions inherent in present transits as well as a look at relevant blocks of time in the future. This allows you to prepare for and schedule upcoming business and personal decisions/activities in a way that optimally supports your growth and success.

$175 – with MP3 recording

Special Package: 4 seasonal Individual Astrology Readings – I offer quarterly readings at a significant discount. Revisiting your chart during each of the four seasons will help you stay awake and focused as the year twists and turns. You will receive updated counsel on how to best frame and time important business and personal decisions, and deepen your understanding of your chart and your evolving life-lessons.

$500 – with MP3 recording

Relationship readings can be done by phone or in-person, with or without your partner’s involvement. This reading draws vital information from each of your natal charts, and the unique ways your two charts magnify, soothe and provoke each other. I will evoke and observe the dynamic interplay of your relating, and make interventions that help you become more conscious of your contrasting temperaments values, needs and perceptual biases. This transpersonal perspective will help both of you learn how to better understand and support each others’ essential strengths and needs. You will also be better equipped to honorably accept each others’ differences as a vital part of what keeps the relationship dynamic and alive. As you come to understand the way unfolding transits impinge upon the chemistry of your relationship, you may both discover the motivation to let go of outmoded habits and formulas of relating from the past and allow them to reconfigure into forms that are improvisational, alive and in sych with the particular season your relationship is moving through.

$225 – with MP3 recording

Due to the demand for deeper, ongoing work with aspiring and established couples, I am now offering one-month Relationship Intensives. In addition to four weekly 1.5-hour counseling sessions, I will suggest specific archetypal self-inquiry exercises and interactive homework for each partner that will assist them in understanding, accepting and supporting each other’s unique, astrologically ordained style of awakening. By the end of this month, both partners will have made a giant leap towards becoming true allies in awakening.

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This one-of-a-kind reading combines astrological counseling with a structured, week-long course of self-inquiry. In our first, one-hour reading, I will intuit the primary archetypal challenge that is blocking you from moving forward in your relationships, work, health, sexuality and/or spirituality. Next, I will prescribe a week-long daily itinerary of reading assignments, perceptual tasks and journaling exercises designed to help you break free of this block. At the end of the week, I will speak with you again to answer questions and help ground the insights you have achieved. This reading is a great way to get a sneak preview of the 12-week Styles of Awakening Training.

$225 – with MP3 recording


How often do you get the chance to help somebody unwrap themselves?

$175 – with MP3 recording

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All payments for the Styles of Awakening Training and other Astrodharma Institute courses are non-refundable.