Astrodharma Institute

offering online courses as well as in-person intensives and retreats that synthesize astrology and Dharma in a radical new approach to astrology as a path to awakening. The institute courses provide a grounded, effective way for you to:
—harness your soul’s gifts and inspire others to do the same. 
—shrewdly navigate your own and other’s karmic wounding.
—go eye-to-eye with the Divine Presence in the full spectrum of personalities. 

This is the essence of modern, meditative astrology and the impassioned goal of all the trainings we offer at the Astrodharma Institute. 

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The foundational course for all further study is the Styles of Awakening training, offered three times a year. In this three-month, on-line, experiential course, you will learn how to recognize and work with the astrological archetypes, even if you never look at an astrology chart.
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Relationship Intensive
For couples who want to get beyond conventional roles and have a true spiritual partnership, this one-month intensive will help you to become allies in awakening.
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Astrodharma Camp
Are you ready for a mind-blowing, 10-day Astrodharma learning adventure? Astrodharma creator Hunter Reynolds and dharma teacher Jane Brunette join together to offer the second year of Astrodharma camp, this time in Bali, Indonesia.
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