Astrodharma Transit Report: May 2017



YOU AND ME and Kim Jong Un have something vital in common: all three of us are wrapped in a trance-inducting membrane that we were conditioned to call “my face.” Day after delirious day, all three of us keep missing what this rubbery constellation of features actually is: an outward facing universe downloaded with its own unique style of inducting souls back into their true position as awareness, itself. Instead of allowing timeless presence to have its meditative way with us, all three of us keep grasping at self-image, taking personal credit for the darshan that emanates so freely and spontaneously, from this “space with a face.”

What does this have to do with May? Simple: As the militant millionaire Rooster-King (Trump) faces off with the diabetic, binge-drinking Scorpion (Kim) it’s only natural to ask, Why did I invite these two cartoon Kali’s to play such prominent roles in my waking dream?

Rather than going into our archetypally biased mind to fathom their archetypally biased mind, (another failed missile test) the best we can do is go face-to-face with the real Armageddon-threatening question that you, me and Kim Jong Un too often refuse to ask:

Outward facing universe, why do You exit yourself?

Post it on your bathroom mirror. Drop it, like an fizzing Alka Seltzer, into your next meditation. Since it’s unlikely that the two protagonists in our dream will be sipping much of this stomach-settling medicine, maybe it’s our job to chug it down for them.


AFTER A CONFUSING, retrograded April (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn), the passionate, transformative qualities of May present us with some welcome movement forward. As the sober, relationship-testing square of Saturn to Venus loosens its grip on May 4th and the approaching Full Moon in Scorpio builds up pressure to expose a more visceral, soul-satisfying layer of our psyche on the 10th, Mercury gradually takes its foot off the brake and releases us into a more lubricated way of moving through space. Been unsure about how to proceed? Notice how new prospects open up the closer we get to May 21st, as the Mercury retro shadow fades. (Note: This is the first period free of retrograde personal planets all year!) Allow the dramatic self-reckonings of the May 10th Scorpio Moon to define a fresh course of action then begin nailing down dates for future plans with a launch date on the new Moon on May 26th.

During the first half of the month Mercury will be conjunct Uranus (23-25 Aries), trine Saturn. Minds speed up and a good bit of info will likely come at us quickly. Great time to release old, risk-averse stories about what we can and can’t do with our precious human life. Uranus trine Saturn wants to know: are you existence-trusting enough to ride the ominous geopolitical waves, like a surfer, into a more exciting, sustainable and collaboratively engaged vision of the future?

Feeling stuck- like your faith-in-life motor has seized up? No problem. Mercury trine Uranus is a sublime time to grease up your gibberish skills. Find a partner and take turns applauding each other’s phantasmagorical ego-cleansing journey through the soundscapes of your awakening soul. There. Now you have a felt sense of how freely timeless presence (so blissfully blind to headlines) wants to live through you.

Looking ahead

Over the next two months (May/June), focus on building and strengthening bonds with your local (or a brand new!) Uranian community in preparation for the string of tense, Titan-clashing Pluto oppositions that take place from June 24th to July 20th.

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