Venus Retrograde: A Six Week Crash Course in Meditative Relating

MARCH BEGINS with a six week crash course in meditative relating (Venus retrograde, March 4- April 15), accompanied by an fortuitous “finish the project” trine between Mars and Saturn (March 1-15). Next comes a body/mind house-cleaning ceremony on the full Moon in Virgo on March 12th. Yes, its time to pull out the juicer and enema bag. Finish up your week-long cleansing adventure on the astrological new year’s eve (vernal equinox) on March 20th. There now. You’re empty enough to make some rascally-yet-realistic New Year’s resolutions. Once the last week of March is upon us, half the zodiac will have moved into the feisty, in-your-face sign of Aries, culminating with the New Moon in Aries on March 27th. Ready to honor conflict as a valid and essential form of intimacy? Say “yes” and Aries will christen you with a new passion for life.

Venus Retrograde

Are you single? No you’re not. You’re the fullness of Being. In a steady relationship? No you’re not. Your dyad is dying and being reborn every day. Venus retrograde (March 4- April 15) is prime time to catch ego using relationship (or the lack thereof) to grasp at a neat and tidy me-story. No need. Relationships are precious precisely because they are far too complex to be managed by anyone except awareness, itself.

Fake News Network

Face it: nothing anyone says is energetically true and congruent with their soul unless it emerges, phoenix-like, from the ashes of a momentarily paused and deconstructed me-story. That’s called “meditative relating.” Too tall an order? Prefer a more buzzy, cappuccino style of relating? No problem. The average, automated ego is a feverish purveyor of fake news. Amongst them, you will be seen as intelligent, caring and delightful- so long as you keep feeding their mind’s 24-hour news cycle with fresh, head-turning distraction. Good luck.

Ready to break free of the Fake News Network- even if it means feeling alone for a while until a more communion-friendly crop of soul-mirrors re-constellate around you? Tis’ the season to get empty enough to be interpersonally real. What happens next is none of mind’s business. Thank god for Venus retro. The greatest relationship coach in the solar system is guiding our way forward, even when it looks like love is falling apart.

Pensive Venus

Personally, I find the pensive side of Venus to be delightfully paradoxical, even mystical. She says,

The purpose of relationship (all relationships) is to provide your astrologically singular soul a mirror in which to catch the fullness of being adoring itself. Right relationship: appreciating the equal, interchangeable nature of all soul-mirrors even as you allow yourself to prefer the bronze fig leaf frame over the glued-together rim of Popsicle sticks, nails and neon coated electrical wire.

After a reflective pause, Venus adds,

No fair trading in one frame for another until you finish decorating all corners of your psyche according to the original motif you signed up for. Sometimes, all it takes is the re-angling of a single couch to make the whole room “pop.”

What sage wisdom is pensive Venus whispering to you?

It’s important to listen closely now so interpersonal friction can be quickly reframed as Venus  pushing us to deepen our soul-seeing skills in relationship. The alternative? Drama. Ready to crack the code of personality? I know of no better way to install such soul-seeing expertise than the online Styles of Awakening Training which begins on April 3rd, 2017. Those smelly egos will never look the same.

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