Awakening in the Age of Trump

SINCE THE ELECTION of Trump, a stunning number of so-called “spiritual” people have shown their true colors. It appears that many consider mental violence — so long as it is accurately demonizing — a valid step towards Self-realization.

Regardless of whether folks are for or against Trump, most seem to agree that the U.S. is engaged in a critical fight for its soul and the stakes are so high that we must allow for some sloppiness and slippage as citizens migrate back and forth between ethic-driven zeal and spiteful judgments of soul. Is this really okay? Alas, it is impossible to critique this slippery supposition without an archetypal understanding of what judgment is.

Creepy clinical-ness, tones of condescension and outright Virgo judgment are still-born prayers; aborted acts of Pisces devotion driven by the innocent instinct to tidy up the outer circumference of life so that we might glorify the timeless presence that animates all of creation. What happens when our inner Virgo forgets it’s here to polish (vs. invent) perfection? Fault-finding.

Is there any hope of washing this snap judgment from our eyes and cutting through ego’s swirling fog of verdicts? Yes. By meditating on what judgment really is: projected self-hatred- the ego’s desperate attempt to escape it’s perversely enlivening habit of self-cutting by turning the blade on someone else.

Seen in this light, purveyors of prejudice are simply average, orphaned minds desperately attempting to purge their world of imagined sin and separation so they can feel safe at home in the heart of God. Virgo judgment, it turns out, is a twisted form of Pisces homesickness.

How do we break mind’s habit of psychological self-cutting and its inevitable attempt to outsource this self-cutting onto others? Perhaps by cutting even deeper to the very root of Virgo perfectionism until we get an honest, meditatively-earned answer to the following question:

Why, exactly, is it not an act of violence that the sharp cut of space is, even now, chopping us up into separate, searching somebodys?

What if believed-in personality produces, at best, a flurry of microagression? What if the eyes of ego are, like the Pokemon Go craze, constantly searching the landscape for unreal beasts called “others?’

Perhaps matter (and all evidence of separation) is the ashes of a spiritual war. Perhaps our edge-ravaged eyes are a visual impairment inherited from that grisly war and until we meditatively sift through the normalized Hiroshima dust that’s settled all around us, the lessons of that war remain invisible. Why don’t we mediate? Perhaps because “being still” makes us vulnerable to a traumatic flashback of the moment when Oneness was flattened by the bomb of “otherness.” Perhaps because when we come to a full stop we see how minds are forced, moment after moment, lifetime after lifetime, to shuffle through this other-than-godness, until they finally dare to confront the misguided, but nonetheless logically consistent, reasons that mind separates and self-cuts.

Three Good Reasons to Self-Cut

1) Believed-in judgment is an anti-chaotic.

Judgment is what happens when ego feels that a more spacious, Tao-flowing interpretation of events (free of dualistic categorization) would make our lives too mysterious and disorienting for us to psychologically cope and successfully navigate the world.

2) Believed-in judgments harden the sense of a solid, separate somebody who knows.

To the time-bound sense of self, it’s not important whether our mental assessments are true or false, self-empowering or self-immolating, so long as the fog of mental interpretations remains thick enough to obscure the ego-dissolving face of the present moment.

3) Believed-in judgments, when shared, provide a safely-scripted, heart-armored illusion of intimacy.

I call this fashionable illusion of bonding, “The intimacy of shared aversion” and I highly recommend that you memorize this phrase so you can use it to test the true motive of your “Trump talk.”

The Intimacy of Shared Aversion

Notice that all three justifications for projected self-hatred have one thing in common: the desire to shoo away crippling disorientation- the lower octave expression of its opposite sign, Pisces. Again, the motive is noble.

From ego’s point of view, the experience of “One Being” is overrated- a kind of faux intimacy that is too emotionally flat and interpersonally incestuous to truly enjoy. Why resort to such surreal, disorienting kinds of connecting when you can unite via visceral, unambiguous zaps of aversion?

Until we learn to trust ourselves to groundedly navigate our inner and outer worlds without strongly believed-in stories about who we (and others) are, the temptation to orient ourselves via identity-hardening zaps of judgment will be impossible to resist. And how do we develop this storyless presence muscle? Simple. By imbibing regularly in a full-stop, return-to-zero practice of meditative relating. Over and over, we must ask ourselves, “As what are you speaking?” and, in this way, balance Virgo critique with Pisces mystique. Minus this field-sensing Piscean counterbalance to Virgo’s fix-and-purify impulse, it’s only a matter of time before we are, once again, seduced by the heartlessly efficient logic that insists that it takes homeopathic drops of aggression to ward off The Aggressor.

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