Relational Reset



NOW THAT THE Mercury retrograde/eclipse season is over, we enter a well-earned grace period.

On September 30th the New Moon in Libra (conjunct buoyant Jupiter, trine mergey Neptune) set an amorous, opportune tone for the month. A great time to nourish and reinvigorate our relationships.

How? By listening others into Being. By playfully inhabiting a distinct Aries point of view, so consciousness can enjoy talking to consciousness about consciousness. By noticing how resourcefully we channel our negotiation skills while we’re secretly applauding God’s self/other play. By harnessing the Venus/Neptune trine as we whisper,”I love you,” (or, “I got your back, brother/sister”) with such tender, unambiguous resolve that our own words wash over us like an ego-dissolving wave, flattening our sand castle mind. Suddenly, there is no “I” choosing to dispense (or withhold) love; just higher octave Libra doing its work: thinning away the veil of self and other, leaving only the mysterious spark that fires every seeming synapse.

Got planets or points in the early degrees of Libra? Your well-intentioned soul is on full display and the heart-doors of those around you are bound to swing open. Please don’t allow the Jupiter-jacked professional opportunities to distract you from the leisure time needed for soul-to-soul union.

The Oct 16th Full Moon in Aries

Assuming you did your homework, (destroying more than a few sand castles during the first two weeks of October), you are now identity-softened enough to ride out the jolty, provocative, full Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus on Oct 16th. This could come in the form of an unexpected eruption from yourself, another, or some media-hyped event designed to shake you out of a sleepy routine. It can go one of two ways: If you experiment and allow for an out-of-character passion to erupt, it will be exciting. If you repress your risk-taking fire and shrink back into terrified niceness, it will be stressful. Why? Because some part of you knows that a series of increasingly more dramatic storms are lining up to roll in later, until their mission is accomplished: liberating your self expression.

Take control of the full moon’s revolutionary energy. With a twinkle in your eye, provoke a bit for a more alive, slightly unsettling level of intimacy. Be wise enough to recognize emotional push-back as a sign of personal investment in the relationship, rather than a deficit of care. Sometimes, what looks like another person’s failure to reference your feelings is an embodiment of the sovereignty you secretly want more of in yourself. When the Full Moon’s crazy wisdom dust settles, the two of you will feel proud of each other. After all, you have achieved genuine non- performance. Is there anything more stable and trustworthy?

Donald Square Hillary

Overshadowing all this interpersonal nudging from the Moon is the continuing square between Saturn and Neptune. Forget about Hillary and Donald. Pull back the projection. There is a war going on between our unsophisticated working class nakedness and our slick, air-brushed elitism. The tension, in this case, is pure grace. Why? Because “Divine Play” is our only third party option.

Here’s a quote from Adyashanti to help you sidestep all the meaningless suspense:

Enlightenment is not something any (separate sense of) self could possibly want. Everything would be as it was the day before. There would be no resolution to anything, which, strangely enough, would be the resolution to everything. Nothing solved. No answers. Just no problem any more. Like someone walking off the stage.

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