Astrodharma Transit Report: November 2016

throne-1202502-639x964THE INNER GAME OF THRONES

Good news! The drama of the U.S. presidential election makes Game of Thrones look like a game show. What’s so good about that? Well, it means that samsara is doing its job. The smell of ego is becoming so nauseating that we’re being driven to a choice point: become septic with ego-hardening cynicism or pray harder than ever to be emptied of the noise of personhood so we can flow gracefully with the Shepherding Presence.  Which of these two inner “candidates” will inherit the throne of our consciousness?

Right on cue, the Sun/Moon conjunction in Scorpio on Oct 28-30 combined with the Mars/Uranus square delivered a shocking shadow-revealing reset in the form of FBI director, Comey, reopening the investigation into Hillary’s emails. This “black swan” Uranus/Mars square continues through Nov 6th, two days before the U.S. election. In addition, the Moon/Neptune conjunction in Pisces square Saturn on election day promises voter count confusion (if not deception) and a delayed and/or contested result. Expect a culmination around the full Moon on the 13/14th when the explosive T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter blows everything open. Again, this is good news in terms of the evolution of your consciousness. Here’s why:

You see, the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square is dying to convert your election stress into rocket fuel for Neptunian spiritual practice. Is it really possible? Ab-so-lutely. Here’s how:

1) Finish reading this Astrodharma Transit Report

2) Click on the article link below and begin practicing the mindfulness exercise

3) Forward it to all your election-stressed friends and family

The Hillary & Donald Show: A twisted mindfulness practice for a twisted election.


Ah, but do the planets say anything about who to vote for? Thematically speaking, yes. However, in order to tap your foot to this cosmic drum, you will need to turn down your noisy personality preferences and let the planets control the narrative.

Velvet Tyranny: The Uranus/Pluto Square (2011-2016)

The U.S. (like many countries) has been undergoing a slow-motion corporate coup de’ Etat for years. The increasingly centralized banks and multi-national corporate power structures (Pluto) are squaring the needs and wishes of the everyday citizen (Uranus). This revolutionary square seems to asking,

Which candidate is most likely to expose this velvet tyranny and begin putting the interests of the average citizen (Uranus) over the profits of multinational corporations (Pluto)?

The Spell-Casters: The Saturn/Neptune Square (2015-2016)

Through nakedly manipulative Neptunian spin, and innumerable “lies by omission” regarding the damning Wikileaks emails and other veil-lifting whistle blowers, the corpgov media has hemorrhaged nearly every last shred of its remaining credibility. The result: a wave of confusion and stress has taken hold of the U.S. Why? Because there is no longer any credible source for cold, hard Saturnian facts and, therefore, no shared Saturnain paradigm from which to hold a productive national debate. Understand- ably, the alternative online media has polarized rabidly against these bought-and-sold mouthpieces in favor of the anti-establishment candidate. This dangerously disorienting square seems to be asking,

Which candidate is most un-beholden to special interests and, therefore, stands the best chance of resurrecting a spirit of free-thinking, whistleblower-tolerant, debate that restores the citizen’s faith in balanced, un-bought sources of news?

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