Styles of Awakening Training: Transforming the ego field into a Buddha field

WOULD YOU LIKE to develop an intuitively accurate, real-time awareness of the astrological archetypes in your everyday life, work and relationships?

Are you an aspiring astrologer or would you like to deepen your current counseling, healing and interpersonal work with Astrodharmic insights into your clients?

This training may be just what you’re looking for.

“With wizardry, wisdom and poetic compassion, Hunter playfully and skillfully introduces each of the 12 astrological archetypes and their polar opposites. Each week, our engaged awareness is taken on a new carnival ride down through the layers of ego and into the clear essence of each astrological signs unique gifts to the world (where you fall in love with each signs beauty and innocence!). The highlight of each week is the opportunity to speak with a truly devoted and adept teacher who uses his skills as an astrologer and counselor with genuine warmth, intuition and friendliness, to help fine tune anything you might have missed from that weeks teachings.”
      —Dorothy Codville (current Styles student) 
         Golden, British Columbia

In this one-of-a-kind, experiential online training, you will be personally guided through 12 weeks of study (One week per archetype). In addition to the daily reading assignments, perceptual tasks and journaling exercises, you will have a unique opportunity to speak regularly with a full-time, professional astrologer (me!) who will answer any questions you may have and help you understand how the higher and lower octave expressions of each archetype play out in your birth chart.

Here’s what the current Styles students say about the course:
“Studying astrology with Hunter is like being handed a treasure map that reveals hidden pathways, shortcuts, and traps, turning the challenge of connecting more deeply with oneself and others into a discovery process filled with exciting “a-ha” moments about what is actually happening. I am now curious and intrigued by what I previously judged or dismissed. Becoming archetypically literate is really about learning to see the world through 12 different lenses rather than one, and I’m personally loving this rare opportunity to develop full spectrum vision.” 
   –Tesa Silvestre, Consultant, Ubud, Bali

“Each week, Hunter offers an opportunity to not only explore experiences and questions regarding the course material, but to speak with openness and curiosity about my journey as a student of astrology. He is a gifted counselor, and the regularity of contact feels generous and enlivening. I have no reservations about recommending his course.”
   –James McEntee, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco

“Awakening requires an honest personal inquiry into the depths of our unconscious patterns. And who would go there without a handy map, loving guidance, and some entertainment along the way? If you happen to be intent on awakening compassion; called to be of service consciously aware of your gifts and challenges, I highly recommend this life-affirming, happiness-generating class.”
   –Nicole Coombs, Bodyworker and Counselor, San Diego

“The Styles of Awakening Training really presses me to live the experience of the archetypes rather than just intellectually analyze and understand them. The opportunity to have weekly check-ins with Hunter is what really makes this course – not only for the opportunity to further deepen my understanding of the material but also as a way to hold myself accountable to doing the work – something often missing in other online courses.  You can go as far as you want with the material, and I feel like I’ll be continuing to digest it long after the course is over. Very illuminating.”
   –Lee, Geographer
“Hunter’s Styles of Awakening Training is a daily exploration into the archetypical aspects of real time life. It’s inspiring, fun, spooky (good kind), honest, compassionate, intelligent and totally awesome.It’s like a really good book where you can’t put it down and you dread that one day it will end. I haven’t felt so passionate about a course in quite some time.”
   –Rupa Westbrook, Massage Therapist, Maui, Hawaii

“This is a great course to compassionately delve into the beautiful complexity of each astrological archetype. You will emerge with a deeper understanding of yourself and all those you interact with mentally, physically and spiritually. I have been amazed with what has unfolded thus far. Hunter is a master guide and explorer.”
   –Joanna Fassl, Doctor of Chiropractic, San Francisco, CA
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