“Cold User” Incident List

Capricorn angelWhere mind sees crass Capricorn opportunism, meditation sees a heroic “Neo” seduced, for a moment, by the matrix they’re so nobly attempting to infiltrate.  
(Neo is the protagonist in the movie: The Matrix.)

WHO ARE THE temporarily seduced “Neos” in your life? Imagine them in your mind’s eye. Remember: if those “cold users” stay cold their whole life, it is still, from the soul’s point of view, just a “blip” of karmic self-forgetting. They, too, are heroic Neos because they dared to ascend and walk the sacred tightrope of incarnation and they deserve some good-faith applause even as they plummet downward, preparing for yet another nobody/somebody psycho-circus try. When we, through the shining eternalness of our eyes, judge lower-octave Caps, we become willing victims of the greatest “cold user” of all: the mind.

Please spend 15 minutes making a list of the times you make your material goals and agenda more important than another’s hurtable Cancer feelings — the times you were a “cold user.” Keep the descriptions short (one or two sentences) so as to make as long a list as your self-image can possibly stand. Please post this incident list on a wall in a private place (or write it in your journal if you realistically think you will revisit it) and make regular pilgrimages to this list throughout the week, reciting aloud this simple phrase after reading each creepy trespass:

Ego is, by definition, a cold user; 
I am its tender witness.

Excerpted from the Styles of Awakening Training, which begins January 6.

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