Godz Dance Moves: A walking-style quiz for awakening pedestrians

astrology walking style quizPLEASE ASSIGN an astrological sign to each of the 12 walking styles below. Remember, we’re all archetypal mutts down here, so though we have our signature styles of parting space, it’s just a matter of time (or lifetimes) before we try on all 12. In the real world, archetypes arise in compensating clusters. Descriptions of any particular sign are, therefore, unavoidably simplistic and over-generalizing. The main thing is to see walking for what it truly is: socially acceptable trance dance. Are we orphaned egos parting dead space, or spirit-travelers swirling the sentient Sky that’s hosting us? The answer is swinging in our limbs.

1) Highly set, wide chest with careful, guarded — sometimes halting and hesitant — walk.

2) Long, striding gait eager to cover ground. A bobbing, buoyant lilt, as if they were riding their hips like a horse.

3) A heavy, leaden quality that moves smoothly and surefootedly forward nonetheless. Purposeful.

4) Straight and proud, with the smooth glide of a cat.

5) Smooth, predatory, relentlessly self-contained. Closed fists swinging in tight, controlled manner. Pausing: Arms folded on chest.

6) Scans ahead for connection, eyes in the clouds or ponderous and disembodied.

7) Carefully measured, on-task movements. Non-ambling.

8) Floats across the room like a ghost. Slow, seamless movements that communicate harmlessness and surrender.

9) A soft-pedaling, even-tempered gait. Confidently tactful, non-infringing.

10) Sudden, bird-like movements. When motionless, still moving energetically, like a hummingbird.

11) Feet seem to be growing right out of the ground as if they were rooted there. Slow, softly methodical movements, as if painting on a canvas.

12) An erect, shoulders-thrown-back look or a tendency to bend forward slightly, as if impatient to confront the next obstacle.

Please note: This little quiz is just the tip of the somatic iceburg. To become a real connoisseur of God’s fleshy dance moves, check out the Styles of Awakening Training.

Answers: 1) Cancer 2) Sagittarius 3) Capricorn 4) Leo 5) Scorpio 6) Aquarius 7) Virgo 8) Pisces 9) Libra 10) Gemini 11) Taurus 12) Aries

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