Intuitive Recognition Skills for Virgo

virgoArchetype: The Virgin. Separates the wheat from the chaff.
Key Phrase: “I Discriminate and Purify”
Dates: Aug 23- Sep 22nd (varies year to year)
Polarity: Feminine/Yin
Element: Mutable earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Body Rulership: Abdominal region, intestines (colon “analyzes” how and what nutrients to absorb from food), spleen, liver, pancreas, sympathetic nervous system.
Aura: dutiful, cool manner. Calculated integrity. Often a wiry build, delicate noses, ears, lips. “I am here to serve and create order out of chaos.” Meticulously dressed, usually in subdued colors: gray, beige, navy blue, stark white. Overly conscientious worrying that gnaws at digestion. Often vegetarian. Unusually concerned with hygiene, diet and health. Quick to offer remedies, like a nurse. Showers and grooms often. Heartfelt devotion to pets and small, helpless creatures.
Face: Youthful, innocent and healthy, yet a problem that needs fixing weighs visibly their mind.
Eyes: Astonishingly clear, sparkly and charmingly intelligent- yet clinical and alert to imperfection. Glowing with a sober, pragmatic kind of kindness.
Walking Style: Carefully measured, purposeful, non-ambling.
Talking Style: Distilled and focused- often witty. Enamored by details. Points out how imperfections and inefficiencies could be corrected. Fondness for facts, figures and tips on health and efficiency. Prone to nervous hairsplitting. Too self-critical to casually accept critiques from others.
Feminine: Exudes the clear-skinned glow of purity, modesty and health. Nervous feelings of love translate quickly into offerings to help. Integrity. In both sexes: creates a clean, neatly orderly environment or an astonishing messiness in which they know exactly where everything is. Difficult to turn off nervous tension and tendency to over-work leading to potential indigestion, ulcers, insomnia and headaches.
Masculine: Formal, witty, discriminating aura that says,
“Happy to help but don’t get too personal and emotional on me.” Genuinely caring advice can sometimes sound pedantic.
Both sexes: vulnerable to sudden flights into decadent overindulgence to compensate for too much renunciation, self-discipline and lack of spontaneity. Perfectly disheveled!