Intuitive Recognition Skills for Libra

LibraArchetype: The Mediator
Key Phrase: “I harmonize”
Dates: Sept 23 – Oct 23 (Varies year to year)
Polarity: Masculine/Yang
Element: Cardinal Air
Ruling Planet: Venus
Body Rulership: Kidneys (The kidneys rectify toxic imbalances, delivering harmony and justice to the body), lumbar region of the spine, ovaries.

Aura: The diplomat. Usually tall, slender, well-proportioned body. Clear complexion. A pleasant roundness to all features with delicate frame. Seamless grace and social charm. Cultured, artistic, stylish in dress. Both sexes keenly aware of how they look. Accommodating. Avoids bluntness, confrontation. Gives space for others opinions. Romantic and literary. A fair-minded approach to flirting that preserves free will. Look for non-intimidating, personality-diluting attempts to please everyone that mask their unwavering willpower and goals. Displays weight evenly.

Face: Sweet kindness. delicate, soft skin. often “dimple of Venus” on cheeks or chin-sometimes invisible until smiling. Large mouth, pearly teeth, full lips. usually straight, fine hair — often long. Finely chiseled, poised lips that look like carefully applied paint.

Eyes: Look for eyes – often almond colored – that smile before the lips do.

Walking Style: Lithe, flowing movement.

Talking Style: Velvety, sometimes seductive intelligence. Full of polite questions. Melodious yet commanding of attention.

The cultured, intelligent hostess. Clearly independent, but happy to lean. Hanging in their closets: a veritable art gallery. In youth: gullible. “In love with love.”
Look for exaggerated femininity to hide mental sharpness and masculinity below the surface. Sometimes colorlessly conventional. Sweet tooth.

Masculine: Elegantly sovereign. Opposite of brutish. Sometimes slightly effeminate. Love is often more art than instinct. Uses sophistication and intelligence as means of
seduction. Personal power can be crippled by fear of harming.

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