Astro-Anatomy: Consulting the oracle of the body

body oracle
WHAT IF the human body is undeciphered symbolic scripture – a kind of two-legged Bible? What if every dreamy ego is born encased in a holographic owner’s manual that illustrates how it might awaken? This is the daring premise of “as above, so below” astrology.

Unlike mainstream religion’s didactic revelations and generalized “thou shalt nots” (so vital to egos in their more primitive moments), our two-legged Bible is a collection of 12 metaphoric invitations to inquire designed to help us forge a unique, psyche-specific path of Self-realization. Read cover-to-cover (Aries head to Pisces feet), I think you will agree that this somatic scripture is, in fact, a love story.

Let’s begin with a short overview. Notice how it reads like a creation story. Amazing.

Astro-Anatomy: The birthing of a soul

  1. To survive the dangerous descent from boundless Being into the ego’s fleshy evidence of separation, the soul requires a Crash Helmet: our Aries head.
  2. Next, the soul will need to plant itself firmly into the sensual soil of body and earth via a Taproot: the Taurus neck.
  3. To widen its root-bound reality, the soul grows Chi Tendrils to reach out and interact with other people, places and ideas: the Gemini arms, lungs and tongue.
  4. Lest things get too scattered and heady, the soul grows a Second Uterus (empathic connection and a familial sense of belonging) symbolized by the Cancer breasts and womb.
  5. Bursting free of Cancerian clannishness, our Leo heart, or Posture Pump, endows us with the fire for life needed to unabashedly shine, lead and create.
  6. Our Virgo intestines “clean up” Leo vanity by digesting only the most humble, critiqued kinds of consciousness into the great Colon of the Cosmos.
  7. Libra stirs tender compromise into Virgo’s puritanical worldview by draping us in a Death Pelt – our cosmetic coat of dead skin cells that has undiminished power to please and attract.
  8. Scorpio deepens Libra’s understanding of love and beauty to include psychological shadow and the visceral stabs of emptiness delivered by our Duality Destroyers: the genitals.
  9. Our Sagittarian Meaning Marchers (the  ground-covering hips, buttocks and thighs) gallop us out into panoramic truths and guiding principles – so vital when gripped by Scorpionic desire.
  10. Like a Spiritual Scarecrow, our stiff, skin-draped frame of Capricorn bones symbolizes the strict grid of societal rules and worldly demands that scare away all armchair Sagittarian preachiness.
  11. Our Capricorn climbing levers (knees) depend on an Aquarian community (shins, calves and ankles), prompting a shift in our job title: Kickstarter into a more awakened collective future.
  12.  Sensing that the compressed field of egos called “community,” is precious but hopelessly transient, our Soul Sensors (Pisces feet) ease our Aquarian ankles down into skin-to-skin contact with the ground of Being.


The following 12 somatic scriptures are divided into four parts:

    •    A short listing of the body parts associated with each archetype.
    •    A short metaphoric description of one of its corresponding organs or systems.
    •    Instructions on how to behold this body part in everyday life.
    •    A few sample questions that illustrate how this body part might, like a koan, present you with an invitation to inquire.


The process of ego incarnation begins with the dive-in-headfirst fire sign, Aries, which rules our crash helmet cranium, the synapse-firing brain, the willpower-flexing muscular system and the fight-or-flight adrenal glands.

The Adrenal Glands
The adrenal glands are shaped like upward pointing spear tips that sit atop our kidneys. Their function is to produce hormones that regulate the fight-or-flight response, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and some sexual characteristics. The metaphoric parallel between these spear-headed glands and the combative, action-oriented Aries archetype is obvious.

Interesting, also, to note that the organ corresponding to the most sovereign and headstrong of archetypes (Aries) is literally sewn together with the kidneys – the organ corresponding to Libra, the most cooperative, friction-avoiding archetype. Is this not a striking metaphoric invitation to mend the false dichotomy between friction and harmony, war and peace, and understand conflict as a form of intimacy in such roles as courageous mediation and artful combat?

How to Behold the Head: Crash Helmet
As you survey each human head – the symbolic locus of Aries ego, personality and “separate somebody” status – consider the courage it takes for a soul to dive headfirst between the legs of a human mother into the dream of separation. Could showing up for another crack at converting the ego’s orphaned nightmare into the soul’s lucid dream be the most chivalrous act we ever make? In this sense, we are all Aries heroes. Don’t let the hairdos and face masks distract you; craniums are the garb of spiritual gladiators, gallantly suffering the slings and arrows of Samsara in order to further evolve the collective consciousness. How do we know if someone is sincerely committed to spiritual awakening? They donned a hairy helmet.

Invitation to Inquire

  • Looking at the shape and texture of your head in the mirror, ask: what kind of illusory barriers is this helmet built to crash through? What is its willful genius?
  • Inside all of us is a warrior watcher capable of relaxing into unruffled soulful communion in the midst of angry interpersonal conflict and perceived threat. What kind of on-the-spot inner refuge allows you to manage your fear and aggression?


Taurus rules the root of the head (the neck, throat and thyroid gland) and our five earth-savoring senses.

The Thyroid Gland
Astonishingly similar to its animal symbol (the bull), the horn-shaped thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck, just below our Adam’s apple. Its primary function is to produce hormones that influence how quickly the body uses energy and to regulate our overall rate of growth (metabolism). In an analogous way, the thyroid converts impulsive bursts of Aries willpower into grounded forms that are pragmatic, cumulative and sustainable: the essence of Taurean values.

How to behold the neck: Taproot
Like a thick, nutrient-oozing taproot, the neck anchors our impulse-stricken Aries brain to the placid, straight forward world of body and earth. Lusty and deliciously pagan, this downward-plunging feeding tube symbolizes the soul’s determination to plant itself in the dirt of everyday existence and realize: “spirit is matter named.” When you behold the human neck, imagine a taproot sucking sensual messages up from the earth that continually ease us out of our heads and help us stay in the body, on the earth, as it is. Could this be the paradigm that so-called materialistic business people live in? Who’s awake? Whoever has the palms of sweat and spirit pressed together. And what of the verbiage that erupts from the Taurus throat? Taurus rules the melodious, resonant and tasting powers of the throat; Gemini, the motor skills that give shape to ideas.

Invitation to Inquire

  • Looking at your neck in the mirror, ask: what kind of vocational soil is this Taproot built to plunge into?
  • If you had the fierce groundedness and unstoppable follow-through of a Taurus bull, what long-term commitments and projects would you dare to lock horns with?


Gemini rules our duality-juggling arms and hands, our inspiring lungs, the articulating aspect of the tongue and our zippy, multi-tasking nervous system.

The Nervous System
The Gemini tongue is covered with nerve cells that run sensation back and forth to the brain. By swiftly transmitting electrical signals to all parts of the body, the nervous system embodies the Gemini impulse to communicate, inspire and network. This gives our Gemini arms and hands the ability to nimbly coordinate and adapt to an endlessly changing world. In an analogous way, Gemini’s mental dexterity allows us the ability to spontaneously interact, articulate and learn from a multitude of new experiences, people and ideas.

How to behold the Tongue: Chi-Tendrils
Think of vibrated air (the voice) as the tone-scape of the soul. Feel past the hypnotically self-important content.  Listen: what does the tone of this soul savor and reach for? Just as the trunk of our Gemini lungs branch out into a forest of tiny oxygen-exchanging tendrils, the “winged messenger” of our voice branches out into endlessly proliferating social and intellectual points of chi-full exchange. Could all human utterance be disguised forms of the three questions: Who am I? Where am I? What shall I do? Well then, you’ve got five minutes to fall back into your now-drunk body and set loose some sacred soundbites. What’s that you say? The conceptual noise is eclipsing the tone-scape’s tender cry? No problem. Never too late to pause and inquire: What word-scape will allow my Gemini nervous system to relax and my lungs  to sip oxygen like wine?  It’s a paradox of course: death turns opinion into trampled wonder, but life says, “keep talking.” Good thing we’re all void-gasping creatures who suck silence from sound.

Invitation to Inquire

  • Listening with eyes closed to your own voice, ask: what is the deeper, existential yearning hidden in the tone-scape of my Gemini words?
  • What kind of word-scapes allow your Gemini nervous system to relax and your lungs to sip oxygen like wine?


Cancer rules the shell-like ribs and sternum that protect our vulnerable chest organs, as well as all soft sacs that cradle something: breasts, womb, eyes, cheeks, uterus and stomach.

Mammary Glands
Milk is excreted, not sucked, from a mother’s nipple. Sucking stimulates the release of oxytocin which causes the cells of the milk ducts to independently contract and secrete. This is called the “let down reflex.” Similarly, we are not entitled to loving support. Suck-free expressions of vulnerability naturally stimulate a free release of Cancerian empathy. Mature emotional support is aroused – not by strategy-laced neediness and emotional manipulation – transparent, agenda-free demonstrations of vulnerability.

How to behold the chest: The Second Uterus
Tibetan Buddhist practitioners assume that everyone has been, at some time, a mother for us in a previous life. When you view people’s chests, assume that this is true.  What is life? An endless series of family reunions. Yes, they are acting impersonal, even hostile. No matter. Let the scripture of chest remind you: “This is my mother suffering a brief spell of amnesia. In payment for her past devotion, I will remember who she is for her. ”

Consider how uniquely indefensible a human infant is for years after birth. Without personal protection and some degree of empathically attuned Cancerian care – what Freud called “our second uterus” – none of us would be here. From a soul perspective, all egos whatever their age are postpartum – in need of a continuing sense of psychic enclosure. The chest , then, is the ribby symbol of our continuing psychological need for family and a sense of  belonging. In spiritual terms, this is called sangha: the circle of beloveds who not only engage and enjoy our personality, but who are allies in awakening – loyal reminders that we are all still children of God in need of nursing at the tit of deathless being. May the chest be a catalyst of empathy for the countless numbers of souls who live spiritually malnourished, outside of this second womb.

Invitation to Inquire

  • Looking at your naked chest in the mirror, ask: What kind of emotional states and life circumstances do these Cancer breasts long to nurture and protect?
  • In what ways might your habitual style of relating change if you eliminated all emotional appeal from your expression – replacing it with self-possessed openness of heart?


Leo rules our steady, life-pumping heart, its re-invigorated blood and the un-hunched dignity of the upper spine.

The Heart
What happens when a piece of plaque on the heart’s cell wall – perhaps 40 years in the making – gets torn open by the rub of passing blood? This: so many benevolently intended blood-clotting platelets rush in to repair it that the clot quickly blocks the entire heart artery. Viola: a love-induced heart attack. In the U.S. this happens every 44 seconds. What happens when we allow the plaque of ego reactivity to obstruct the love that naturally flows between the two ventricles of God (self and other)? A Leo clot.The scriptural teaching of the heart is simple: the love we withhold is the pain that we carry.

How to behold the Leo heart: Posture Pump
Posture is a symbolic expression of how connected we are to our naturally radiant, Leonine soul-esteem. To stand serenely erect with shoulders pulled softly back requires an activation of the Leonine upper back (thoracic) muscles, creating a simultaneous expansion of the space around our Leonine heart. Curiously, it also requires a tautness of the Cancerian stomach muscles, signaling a connection between our ability to give and receive personal support (Cancer) and our degree of noble silence (Leo). Divine pride, says the spine, is the fruit of tender caring. The goal, of course, is not to feel particularly good about ourselves, but to shine bright at the hub of the mind’s ferris wheel of inner commenting. From here, we naturally assume the posture of causeless happiness, unburdened by the weight of both positive and negative me-stories. In a rather naked way, then, the scripture of Leo posture delivers a blow-by-blow report of where we and others are on the continuum between ego-stumbling attempts at self-esteem and the radiant ease of empty presence. Got a slumper in your space? The most generous, soulful response is to view this as no accident and consider it your karma to compassionately hold for them their soul’s alignment with infinity.

Invitation to Inquire

  • Assume your worst posture in a mirror. Ask: What vulnerable visibility am I retreating from by contorting my soul’s natural shape?
  • If you could palpably feel your moment-to-moment posture migrating, like a virus, into others – pinching and expanding their access to the causeless happiness of their Leo heart – to what lengths would you go to stand proud?


Virgo rules the colon (which “analyzes” how and what nutrients to absorb), the blood-purifying spleen (which acts like a Virgo pantry, storing emergency reserves of blood), the liver, pancreas and sympathetic nervous system.

The Colon
Over time, unpassed fecal matter can build up in the colon and prevent it from absorbing nutrients properly. The same thing happens when our immediate, smooth-flowing intuition gets impacted by the preconceived agendas of the wanting mind. These two seemingly unrelated forms of constipation are symbolized by the Virgo/Pisces polarity. A retentive, impacted Virgo colon is the flip side of not allowing our Pisces feet to follow the Tao. The scriptural message is clear: How food passes through us is how we pass through life.

How to behold the Colon: Colon of the Cosmos
The journey from mouth to anus symbolizes the journey from birth to death. As you drink, chew and watch others’ eat, imagine your soul passing through the colon of a living cosmos. Feel your pristine, beginner’s mind moments being absorbed by the divine Being even as your me-stories get pushed along as waste. Virgo’s desire to taste a pure life and diet is the archetypal flip side of the Piscean desire to taste God. Perhaps the real reason we ought to pair food intake with ego-humbling prayer is to remember who we’re really feeding, and why we need to be discriminating about what we perceptually ingest. The Hindus call this kind of sanctified and offered food prasad. There is, of course, a fast-food option: make the ego’s desperately ephemeral edges feel fixed and solid by shoving the mouth of our eyes with dense and heavy fare.

Invitation to Inquire

  • Lay down. Probe into your stomach with your fingers. Ask: In what ways is my colon encouraging me to let go and surrender more to the flow of life?
  • What changes in your perceptual diet would you make if your moment-to-moment ways of inhabiting consciousness were feeding a mix of vital nutrients and deadly toxins into a larger, cosmos-sized Being?


Libra rules the kidneys and the cosmetic aspect of the skin.

The Kidneys
The kidneys rectify toxic imbalances, delivering Libran harmony and justice to the rest of the body. Think of them as sophisticated reprocessing machines. Every day, a person’s kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood to sift out about two quarts of waste products and extra water, which are discharged as urine. In a similar way, Libra reprocesses toxic forms of conflict into workable common ground. A soul fully hydrated with Libran love has an easier time rinsing away egoic reactivities. Though the kidneys come in pairs, we only need one kidney to live. The scripture here is clear: though the desire for intimate companionship is natural, we don’t absolutely need it to fulfill our purpose: purifying karma. The world of duality, says the kidneys, is a generous place, well-equipped to forgive most of our self-poisoning mistakes.

How to behold the skin: Death Pelt
One of the key functions of the skin is to regulate body temperature. In an analogous way, harmony-loving Libra moderates our self-absorbed heat and passion. Ask any organ in the society of the body: skin holds everyday life together. When you look at people’s skin, be aware that you are seeing nothing but dead skin cells – the living ones dwell invisibly beneath. Cosmetically speaking, then, we’re all the same age: deceased. Beauty and death: joined happily at the hip. Notice if you are quick to apply a grade of attractiveness to each death pelt that passes by. Remind yourself: “Skin is the mirror where I awaken to my  timeless beauty or strengthen my fear of time.” No other organ has the power to reflect back to us how form-fixated and aura-blind we’ve become; how unblessed we are by people’s eternal gaze and how at war we are with approaching sickness, old age and death. No wonder it’s the largest, most in-your-face organ. Blocked by the beauty barrier? Time to study the scripture of skin.

Invitation to Inquire

  • We are surrounded by personified shadows of ourselves. Knowing this helps us dance more elegantly with them. In what circumstances do you succumb to your ego’s craving for a dense and solid “other”?
  • If you knew in advance that you would not escape any of the toxicity displayed in the average, ego-evoking relationships that surround you, could you still enjoy romance?


Scorpio rules the primitive, visceral functions of the genital-sexual area  (sex organs, bladder, urethra, rectum) and all shadowy bodily orifices.

The Genitals
In varying degrees, aroused genitals blur the line between pleasure and pain. In this sense they serve as deep physiological reminders that we can, indeed, be released from duality. Like a sperm swimming up the female reproductive tract seeking an egg, every impinging moment thrusts into us a seed that longs to fertilize our fullness of being. Serenely rocking this baby in our arms, genital desire can be seen for what it truly is: an invitation to care for a second child, a second ego, and wade with them into the murky netherworld between desire and addiction, shadow projection and pure seeing. Lacking this day-to-day nurture of our inner offspring, the genitals pull us into a messy, psychological household with rent overdue.

How to behold the genitals: Duality Destroyers
On the vertical axis, the genitals are located at the midpoint between the ego-incarnating pole of the Aries head and the body-transcending pole of the Pisces feet. In this sense they have one foot in the world of spirit and one in the world of matter. This creates tension and urgency in the body. Scorpio seeks to resolve this tension vertically by tasting the venom of their ego so as to awaken as its witness and, horizontally, by spiritually vibrating with another soul at this same instinctual midpoint. By doing so, Scorpio resolves the intra-body tension between the primal and etheric and the inter-body tension between self and other.

Can one be both visceral and empty of self? This is the throat-grabbing allure and fascination of sexual attraction. When you witness yourself or others engaging in ill-timed, aggressive expressions of attraction or desperate, skin-showy attempts to evoke lust, see it for what it is: a story-vexed soul crying out for some mind-killing union. Say silently to yourself: “How intense is our need to mend the bloodless cut of space!” Some would say there is an undertone of sexual craving (and aversion) in every human interaction. Perhaps. But this reflex is to be witnessed, not get pushed around by. Genital scripture confronts: Will we meditatively diversify our lust for union or will we funnel it all into gender play?

Invitation to Inquire

  • Historically, how successful have you been at staying anchored in your fullness of being whilst being tugged by strong, primitive sexual desires?
  • Assume for a moment that spiritual awakening is a measure of how gracefully we weave mind-slaying intoxication with mind-managing sobriety. Which of these two poles is calling out for more of your attention?


Sagittarius rules our locomotive center; hips, thighs, buttocks and the leg-launching stimulus of the sciatic nerve.

The Sciatic Nerve
The sciatic nerve supplies the skin and muscles of the legs and feet with nerve endings that allow us to adventure forward. In a similar fashion, Sagittarius delivers the impulse to go on long-distance journeys of the mind (study) and body (travel) in order to view life from a more panoramic vista. Our sciatic-zapped thighs, then, are “meaning marchers” in that they give us the latitude of experience we need to synthesize many separate truths into universal themes and principles. The sciatic nerve is also the longest and widest nerve in the body, providing stimulus to the longest muscle in the body: the Satorius muscle. Surely no part of our anatomy could more ably embody the adventurous, truth-seeking impulse within us.

How to Behold the Thighs: Meaning Marchers
The search for meaning is symbolized by our adventure-junkie thighs which launch us forward over vast expanses of ground until we arrive, God willing, at a panoramic overview where we synthesize all our adventures into wizened insights or teachings. What happens when we disrespect our need for mind-broadening adventure and settle into a life of stay-at-home sitting? Sciatica: the inflammation of the Saggittarian nerve root. As you meditate on the human thigh, think of the culture shock and disorientation that must be “walked through” to embed oneself in a new philosophy, country or language. Think of the fledgling mentor who, unrecognized in his hometown, travels to a foreign land where he encounters teachings and teachers that help him discover his own unique message to the world. Welcome to the theology of the thighs.

Invitation to Inquire

  • What kind of paradigm paralysis do you suffer from and what prematurely dismissed learning adventure might deliver you from its grip?
  • There’s a fine line between the voracious appetite for learning adventures and commitment-phobia. On what basis will you determine which side of the fence you’re on?


Capricorn rules the hardened structures of the body: the teeth, bones, joints (particularly our “climbing lever,” the knees) and the boundary-defining (vs. the cosmetic, Libran) aspect of the skin.

The Teeth
The teeth are strict, hard-ass symbols of Capricorn karma. They say, “Extract sweetness from ordinary, work-a-day life or I will extract the tools you need to enjoy it.” The teeth track time – meticulously tabulating every moment we feed the colonies of bacteria in our mouth with dietary sugar and cooked starches. How fast does the Capricorn wheel of karma spin? Within mere minutes after feeding these creatures, their lactic acid poop starts leaching out calcium and other minerals from our teeth. Then the karma police deliver a summons that demands we endure physical and financial pain at the dentist office. The scriptural teaching of teeth is obvious: “There are no private, isolated mistakes and you wake up inside the dream of karma, not from it.”

How to behold the bones: Spiritual Scarecrow
Without the weight-bearing stress of Capricorn gravity, our bones demineralize and our muscles lose mass. A weightless, undisciplined life is a brittle life. So, too, is our contact with Spirit strengthened by working through the grave, dry periods with Capricorn self-discipline. Like a Spiritual Scarecrow, our stiff, dry frame scares away the birds of egoic distraction. Without Capricorn organization, and structure, our overflowing warmth of emotion (Cancer) would have no matrix through which to deliver its care. That’s called ineffectual sentimentalism.

The knees in particular are uniquely Capricorn in that they serve as “climbing levers:” symbols of ambition to ascend the ladder of reputable loving we call “success.” Many think that bones are inert and impersonal. The truth? They have a body-wide reputation as red blood cell factories committed to dumping life-giving oxygen into the rivers of the body. Do you resist the idea of toiling away for years at a profession without much recognition or financial acknowledgement? Brush up on your skeletal scripture: Just as the blood vessels in our bones inhibit immature blood cells from making the journey from marrow to blood, the matrix of society usually demands a period of behind-the-scenes perseverance before releasing us into a more recognized role in the matrix. The evidence of right livelihood? You enjoy your time in the marrow.

Invitation to Inquire

  • What deadlines and support structures do you need to build into your life to stay aligned with your soul’s purpose?
  • What kind of weight-bearing work would you be honored to offer even if it supplied zero recognition and only the most minimal compensation?


Aquarius rules the shins, calves, ankles and the circulatory system.

The Circulatory System
Our oxygen-pumping Leo hearts would be useless without community-minded Aquarius, the “water bearer,” who distributes Leo’s chi out into the greater community of the organs via the circulatory system – “each according to his need.” Aquarian activism provides a network of blood vessels through which to keep the community nourished and healthy.

How to behold the shins, calves and ankles: Kick-starters
Aquarius rules the calves, shins and ankles which link our Capricorn climbing levers (knees) to our spirit-sensitive Pisces feet. Since our professional success is literally built upon the backs of an Aquarian community of customers, we are karmically compelled to participate in and give-back to the Aquarian community. In doing this, however, we come face-to-face with others who mirror difficult aspects of our ego, pressing us to develop the qualities associated with our Pisces feet: empathy and compassion. 

Our shin bone (the tibia) is one of the least muscle-protected bones. Its bony face constantly confronts and kicks forward into the future. Similarly, Aquarius feels little buffer between present and future needs; it is designed to fully confront and address the trajectories of mankind before they happen. Because of this, Aquarius is compelled to serve as catalyzer of awakening and humanitarian change agent.

But why, you may ask, are the Aquarian shins called “kickstarters” when our Piscean feet are the first to kick forward? Because feet live so close to the ground of being (the greater consciousness that everything rises and falls within), the flow of time appears surreal. The reality feet wade through is changeless and immanent, so the answer to worldly suffering is here/now compassion, regardless of future scenarios. Pisces may, indeed, feel the future first, but it doesn’t deem it solid and real enough to self-consciously conceptualize, catalyze and fuss about.

Invitation to Inquire

  • What kind of compelling community need are you vexed by – and, therefore, called to address – that might open your heart and help you awaken as tender witness of ego in the mirror of souls?
  • In what areas of your life do you rationalize that personal Leo caring without Aquarian communal action is enough?


Pisces rules the feet, toes and the lymph glands.

The Lymph Glands
The lymph glands act as filters or traps for foreign particles. In this way, they provide a boundary and measure of immunity to the toxins of everyday life. Guess what swells when the ultra-sensitive Pisces part of us over-gives and fails to honor its need for healthy psychic and emotional boundaries? Idiot compassion creates a lymphatic reality check.

How to Behold the Feet: Soul Sensors
There are more nerve endings per square centimeter in the foot than any other part of the body – including the genitals. Why? Perhaps because going skin-to-skin with earth, is a metaphor for the souls’ determination to go skin-to-skin with the ground of being. Pisces requires maximal perceptual sensation to meditatively guide our way through space. Hindus and Tibetans visualize spinning wheels on the bottom of the feet. They know that the soles of the feet can “see” our way forward, gingerly, moment-to-moment. Are not all systems of morality a record of what the sensitive ones encountered when walking this way? Want to know what to do with your shrinking birth/death interval? Be guided by the scripture of the feet. Surrendering to soul and sole’s emergent directives, however, is not always easy. That’s why factories mass produce thick soles for our shoes and churches churn out thick conceptual agendas to buffer the prickly prods of the moment. When you look at human feet, think: “soul-sensors.”

Invitation to inquire

  • Look down at your feet. Imagine that they are the lips you kiss God with. How, then, will you walk?
  • How differently would you move through life if you looked upon everyday events as oracular prompts and guiding symbols provided by an invisible, ever-present lover?


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