Astro Self-Inquiry: Busting your Aries bias

AriesARIES is a glistening facet of the divine jewel of creation – a style of awakening that most egos have an instinctive prejudice for or against. Do you know which way your ego leans? No? Then I regret to inform you that you are, to some extent, an archetype slave. What to do? Try this exercise from the Styles of Awakening Training. Notice which of the following phrases arouse the greatest resistance. That’s your mantra to passionately and daily recite until the living of it makes it as self-evident and easy to say as your birth name. Remember, this is about healing your relationship with the Creator and designer of personalities – not personalities themselves.

Affirmations for Negative Aries Bias
(Overly diplomatic and afraid of conflict)

  • There’s nothing more heartless than a peaceful self-concept.
  • The fire of my will: kindness incarnate.

Affirmations for Positive Aries Bias

(Overly sovereign and afraid of becoming dependent.)

  • In the danger of leaning, the fragrance of eternity.
  • The supreme sign of sovereignty: staring, with unflinching tenderness, into another soul’s eyes.

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