Asrodharma: The Ultimate Wearable Technology

google glassSEEMS WE HUMANS have a penchant for “wearable technology” and if the body/mind isn’t recognized as such (via meditation) then, by golly, we’ll invent some of our own. Enter “Google Glass.” If, after watching the following 2.5 minute video you aren’t at least a little creeped out by these voice-commandable computer screen eye glasses coming online later this year, please read on.

The reasons for shunning them go far beyond the further mediating of direct, interpersonal contact or the cancer risks of pressing a wireless transmitter up against your head. If, on the other hand, you are thoroughly creeped-out, then the rest of this article may help redeem some faith in the positively intended hearts of those Orwellian lapdogs over at Google.
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But first, a few words about spiritual technology.

Awakening as the compassionate witness of ego happens on two planes: vertical and horizontal. We must learn how to meditatively tune in to inner guidance (vertical) and we must learn how to meditatively relate to others (horizontal). Staring deeply into the horizontal mirror of our fellow body/minds is how we road-test the glimpses of oneness that may appear self-evident on the vertical cushion. But what happens when more and more of our soul-to-soul mirror-gazing happens virtually?

When I first saw the above video, I felt stunned and saddened. How gargantuan must be our pain that we would resort to such seamless distraction. My faith in the Divine play, however pushed me to turn this reactive position on its head: What if the impulse to place some sort of intervening technology between ourselves and others is not only innocent and intelligent- but a kind of revelation? Instantly, my heart broke open.

Wearable technology, I realized, is what Astrodharma is all about! The only difference is that the mediating technology is called “archetypes.” Archetypes exist in both the personal and the transpersonal dimensions; they cast their net over the whole globe, yet express uniquely through each of us. Hovering as they do between boundless spirit and boundaried matter, Archetypes are intrinsically nondual; their “felt meanings” come clearly into view only when we combine a bit of Astrdharmic study with the spontaneous intuitions of spirit.

A compound of the Greek words “arche” and “tupos,” archetype translates as “source impression.” Yes indeed, boys and girls, God’s fingerprints are all over those eerily automated personalities bobbing all around us. The only question is, will we “fall for the trait bait” or play Sherlock, dusting for divine prints? Will we learn to crack the code of personality or will we swoon dumbly at some source-impressions and cringe at others?

It would be a mistake to call these high-tech sunglasses merely Orwellian; this is our soul waving a red flag saying, “Yes, yes, ‘wearable technology’ is great — that’s what the body/mind is — so no need to add another layer of technology on top of the technology you’ve barely even scratched the surface of understanding!” From this perspective, Google Glass is a cry from our collective soul to resuscitate a naturally occurring perceptual technology that is sadly invisible to those caught up in spell of materialism.

Perhaps the advent of Google Glass signals that we are at a bifurcation point: either we learn to see through and behind each others built-in sunglasses to the Cosmic Hipster peering through, or we saddle our perception with more and more layers of mental distraction designed to numb us from this rotting, radioactive world of separation that our nervous systems will never learn to relax in. Manic distraction, it must be said, is preferable to chronic existential angst and, in that sense, Google “delivers the goods.”

Returning again to faith in the divine play, I must confess the metaphoric genius embedded into the Google Glass phenomenon. When we look through shaded — or, in this case, reality-layered glasses — we are made more aware of of the fact that we are seeing through a lens that is seeing through a lens. In effect, we see ourselves seeing. This is analogous to “witness consciousness,” but since Google’s livestream lenses are designed to be steered by the ego’s discursive desires (and the faceless corporate agendas that manage them), it is much more likely to produce disembodied entrainment than an uptick in compassionate presence.

Google Glass is the logical next step in a nihilistic pattern of using higher and higher doses of technology to, like a video game, “take over” our otherwise problematic, existentially orphaned sense of self. After all, reasons ego, what kind of ever-present Divinity would fail to download our collective dream with clues as to how we might awaken as its lucid dreamer? Only a nasty one. By providing an alternate, technologically “ruled” universe, Google Glass says, “touché.”Here’s how spiritual teacher/emf activist, Neil Cohen, puts it:

“We have given our need for ‘connection’ to the wrong god! We have adopted a wireless, pseudo stimulus of feeling connected through the wireless radiation airwaves, that now disrupts and highly distorts our basic and natural connection to Source through an undisturbed and relaxed nervous system.”

Our built-in archetypal glasses, on the other hand, constantly strengthen and restore the relationship of our individual ego with an awesome, palpable presence — a living Mastermind at play all around us. The moving parts of the world no longer appear so fragmented and chaotic — constantly pointing us to a transcendent, yet intuitively tangible, archetypal order and intelligence. Though we may differ in our conceptual interpretations of this larger reality or Being, the immediate felt experience of witnessing our self and others struggling to break free of their archetypal blind spots and harness their archetypal gifts rarely fails to open our heart and guide us into more patient, insightful forms of caring.

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