Mansions of the Moon: Awakening from the impersonal trance of time with tender lunar guidance

MoonTHE MOON represents what we need to feel secure. What happens when we step over our hurtable human needs in order to manifest some otherwise constructive Capricorn goal? Patriarchy. Assembly lines. Manic distraction. Planecide. Until we learn to slow down, resensitize and make on-the-spot assessments of our own and others shifting inner landscape, all spirituality and its subtle energy languages (astrology) are mere tinsel on the Christmas tree of distraction. The good news: Luna is here to help.

The Moon spends approximately 2 1/2 days moving through each of the 12 signs –
faster than any other planet. Her influence is often felt subconsciously, imparting a kind of predisposition or subtle coloring of our day. Exactly what hue she casts depends on what sign she’s transiting, what house she’s moving through in our individual birth chart and what planets/aspects she’s briefly lighting up. More importantly, the Moon’s influence is determined by the amount of personal insight and equanimity (or prejudice) we bring to each of these “mansions.” (See Styles of Awakening Training to develop archetypal equanimity.)

The meaning of the Moon’s transits
are, thus, unique to each individual and not easily nailed down. However, there are some palpable themes and guidelines worthy of daily consideration. For many, tracking and attuning their activities to the Moon’s signs (and, yes, phases) is an ever-deepening way of inquiring into the present moment. As astrologer Donna Cunningham says, “Doing things during a Moon sign alien to what you want to accomplish builds up inner friction that can be wearing.”

moon phasesSuggestion: Instead of believing or disbelieving these lunar weather forecasts, download the chart below and track the Moon for a month or two, feeling into her changing signs and phases. What does a new Moon in Scorpio actually feel like in your body? What kind of thoughts and sensations arise? What moods and behaviors does it evoke from the people around you? Become a pattern watcher and see how your worldview changes. Did the expressionless face of time just turn into tender tutelage? Do you feel yourself immersed in a psyche of cosmic dimensions? Ah, the implications of astrology are staggering. (You’ll need a moon-sign calendar. See links at end of article for suggestions on where to get one).

Mansions of the Moon
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1-MOON IN ARIES (Transiting 1st House)

Like wind calls attention to space,
may all egos become features of the faceless face.

Theme: Initiative and independence.

Seek Out:
New projects, physical activity and tasks that require courage, brainstorming and on-the-spot decision-making. Promote your project and yourself. Set new intentions and initiate!

Avoid: Conflict resolution. Routine duties requiring exacting patience with little immediate result. Sharp objects and speeding.

(Transiting 2nd House)

Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions
is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches
all over your body.
   ~George Carlin

Theme: Practicality and Endurance 

Seek out:  Tasks that demand that you stay grounded, realistic and undistracted. Assert business and managerial skills. Take stock of finances, apply for loan. Then relax, be in nature, delight your zen-full senses.

Avoid: Changing someone else’s mind. Tasks and environments that require fast reaction time and spontaneous improvisation.

(Transiting the 3rd House)

Outward facing universe, why do you exit yourself?

Theme: Communication and Networking

Seek out: Social events, spontaneous repartee, networking, negotiations, teaching, speaking, writing, studying, phone calls, cafe culture, day trips.

Avoid: Discursive speech. Unventilated spaces, sluggish communicators and manic distractions that dissipate the soul’s use of the mind.

(Transiting 4th House)

When we open the throat of our heart
for spoonfuls of silent communion,
the fill-able portions in our stomach shrink.

Theme: Nurturing and Belonging

Seek out: Safe spaces to feel into your emotional body, work from home, tend to home improvement projects and family bonds. Nurture friends, stock up the pantry, cook, reminisce about past, plan a cozy gathering, celebrate family tradition, picnic at a river or lake.

Avoid: Impersonal, public relating and un-cozy environments. Tasks that require strict objectivity. Emotional eating and over-indulgence in nostalgia and regret.

(Transiting 5th House)

Celebrity culture is a symptom of a half-heartedly adored God.

Theme: Leadership and Creative Play

Seek out: Opportunities to lead, perform and be artistically creative. Express spontaneous joy and happiness. Shop for clothing. Organize festivities, celebrations.  Go out to theatre, cinema and restaurants. Cut hair, groom and pamper. Play with children.

Avoid: Colorless, depressing environments and unappreciative people. Tasks that require attention to detail. Insecurity-inspired vanity.

(Transiting 6th House)

Mediocrity means failing to appreciate
the antique perfection of the cracked vessels all around us.

Theme: Discrimination and Efficiency
Seek Out: Tasks requiring detailed focus, practical knowledge and precision. Clean and organize. Start a new diet or exercise regimen. Edit, proofread. Take preventive health measures. Cleanse bowels. Deep clean the kitchen. Jewelry, needlework.

Avoid: Job interviews and critical personalities. Critiquing others “for their own good.” Heartless perfectionism. Bad food combining.

(Transiting 7th House)

Until the face of ego becomes a twitching nightmare
of separation and orphanedness from the Divine,
the petty demands of relationship are insufferable. 

Theme: Harmonious Relating

Seek Out: Connection with partners, relatives, friends. Attend to matters that demand impartiality and fair-mindedness. Mediate. Schedule the job interview. Find an elegant solution to a nagging problem. Attend artistic/cultural activities. Begin a new romance or business partnership.
Avoid: Manipulative flattery.  People who evoke blind romanticism and see-sawing emotionality.

(Transiting the 8th House)

Congruity cannot be willed or chosen;
it arises naturally whenever we are stripped naked of preconception.

Theme: Intensity and Self-Reckoning
Seek out: Opportunities to channel emotional intensity into tasks that require a relentless, laser-like focus.  Research. Go deep with a beloved you already trust. Confess motives. Heal wounds. Engage in psycho-sexual penetration.

Avoid: Building trust with new people. Family gatherings and celebrations. Uninvited psychoanalysis and sarcasm. Sexual manipulation, suspicion and power plays.

(Transiting the 9th House)

Mind is a plagiarist, constantly tearing pages
from the encyclopedia of breath.

Theme: Truth and Travel

Seek Out: Teachers, teachings and conversations that expand the mind’s horizons. Playful self-inquiry and philosophical debate. Hiking through outdoor spaces with wide visas. Sports, long distance travel.
Avoid: Physically or psychologically cramped spaces. Giving unsolicited advice. Bluntness, pointless argumentation, overgeneralization and the need to be be “right.”

(Transiting the 10th House)

The opposite of love is automation.
Our true vocation? Tenderizing the matrix.

Theme: Sobriety and Discipline

Seek out: tasks that require discipline, strategy, organization, and solitary planning. Plug away at a goal. Make a business plan. Rebrand yourself and your service. Get advice from elders.

Avoid: Emotionally delicate relationships with those who may perceive a pragmatic approach as impersonal. Conflict with enforcement agencies. Being impersonally strategic.

(Transiting the 11th House)

I feel You stroking with planets you call “hands.”
Such frozen comfort, your Bibles and Korans.

Theme: Community and Activism

Seek out: Social time with friends. Attend and facilitate groups. Feel into the future, new paradigms and technological fixes to wider social issues. Behold the citizens of the planet as part of your personal family. Spontaneity and crazy wisdom.

Avoid: Prolonged discussions about narrow, personal concerns. Predictable minds. Heady idealism. Self-aggrandizing “differentness.”

(Transiting the 12th House)

“Awake” means developing a good bedside manner:
watching warmly as me-stories metastisize.

Theme: Empathy and Otherworldliness

Seek out: Open to compassion and the Muse. Retreat time, artistically fertile longing,  meditating, swimming, dancing, praying, creating and listening to music and poetry.  Baths and beaches. Hospice and charity.

Avoid: Indiscriminate merging. Overwhelming communal activities.  Tasks that require strict concentration and calculation. One dimensional, purely rational relating. Self pity.

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Good printed options: Jim Maynard’s Pocket Astrologer or Celestial Guide, Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide, or The Farmer’s Almanac.

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