What Scorpio Fears

What scorpio fears
AS WE LEARN to sense into lower-octave Scorpio energy in ourselves and others, we start to generate a real, heartfelt compassion for the fear that drives this archetype: Fear of superficiality. This detective-like corner of our ego suspiciously punches through the straightforward (Taurean) aspect of Being in hopes of extracting enough “truth” to allow it to relax and open. Alas, no amount of coerced truth-telling will do. Better to model the vulnerability we’re after, watch how life freely constellates around us, then notice our natural level of investment in these relationships. Here’s the Scorpion’s twisted logic:

Because I feel vulnerable, disoriented and taken-apart when I’m not playing the role of penetrating seer and confronter of darkness, I continually sniff-out and provoke the dark underbelly of everyone and everything by being suspicious, projecting uninvited psychic advances and flexing my psychosexual power and shrewdness in ways that control, intimidate and rob me of a deliciously meditative, moment-savoring way of life.

A real soul detective, of course, doesn’t get waylaid in the dark agendas of ego; it keeps digging down into the soul’s positive intention (the heart and purpose of the Styles of Awakening Training.) Doing this for Scorpio is your best shot at easing them back into their luminous, penetrating potential.

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