Astrodharma: 12 pithy prods to awaken

THE 12 SIGNS of the zodiac exist in our inner sky as way-showers, personalized road maps uniquely suited to our body type and conditioning, our genius and wounds. With practice, these 12 styles of awakening become as percievable as the constellations backstroking through the void above us. But what happens when we fail to get out our meditative telescopes, when we allow this merry-go-round of archetypal energies to spin around and within us unstudied? The short answer: we fall for “the trait bait” and become archetype slaves. The 12 styles of remembering our shared Beingness harden into solid, separate somebodys, a matrix of self-existing me-stories endlessly provoking dumb like and dislike.

The following downloadable chart is my response to the question, “What is the core realization that might crack each archetypes’ bullet-proof shell of me-stories and open it to the wonder and vastness of embodied presence?”  The answer came in the form of twelve pithy one-liners designed to be used as meditative prods to awaken. Your job: see if you can intuitively reverse engineer each pithy prescription back to the kind of mindset that would need to hear it. In this way I hope to inspire a level of personal empathy with each archetype (in yourself as well as others) that no trait-based description of the 12 signs ever could. Try posting it somewhere prominent in your home or download it into your iphone so you can quickly diagnose and remedy these archetypal states of dis-ease and imbalance the moment they arise.

12 Pithy Prods to Awaken

download a pdf of the chart >

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