Oracular Uprising: Aquarian scripture comes of age

oracleIN TIMES OF TROUBLE and uncertainty, the people of Greece and Rome paid visits to shrines dedicated to particular gods for insight and revelation. The term “oracle” referred not just to the shrine, but to the priestly intercessors overseeing them.

Today, the times of trouble and uncertainty are global in reach. The need for oracles is greater than ever. Without a radical “oracle upgrade,” however, we moderns would have little time and/or interest in visiting them. For better or for worse, this is the age of instantaneous relational connectivity. Solitary sacred sites and intercessor egos no longer cut it. What kind of broadband oracle might suite this globally conscious Aquarian age? Nothing short of personality, itself. Either the entire parade of me-stories upgrades into Oracle status or we devolve into a planet full of superficially connected, devotional illiterates. In an ADD world, the Divine is every face, or no face.

Indeed, for a relationship with life-long aspirations to survive this age of constant game-changing innovation and thirst for new stimulation, each partner must become, as relationship expert Randi Gunther puts it, “the human equivalent to a technological gadget in constant evolution.”  Both partners must feel that they’re having “sequential, fascinating relationships with many people who happen to be the same person.”

Consciousness, it seems, is approaching a bifurcation point. As the feeling of “lifetimes within lifetimes” gathers momentum, we either ground ourselves in an unchanging transpersonal experience of the Divine or we fracture into a distracted, mechanized morass. Could the apocalyptic meme of 2012 be a melodramatic outpicturing of the end times our ego feels drawing near as the personality-as-possession paradigm becomes more and more stressful and cumbersome?
Cracking the Code of Personality
From an Astrodharmic perspective, each fleshy bundle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors is a kind of message-in-a-bottle hurled into the sea of time by an invisible hand.  Were we to shake out even one of these messages and take the time to decipher it (learn the basics of reading birth charts), we would, no doubt, be stricken with awe at the endlessly incarnating intelligence shining through.

Ah, but that would mean taking the time to awaken the felt language of astrological archetype. Easier to join everyone else in what can only be called, “Jewel Trashing.”

In the throes of personality aversion (and, yes, craving), we don’t just judge specific facets of others ego; we trash entire matrices–the very archetypal jewel in which consciousness is embedded. We pawn off the archetypal Diamond that weds us to the Divine Mind. By the same token, we don’t forgive and soften to anyone; we simply confess that we mistook the impersonal archetypal flashes on the Jewel’s surface (personality traits) for the Diamond itself. We confess, “I fell for the trait-bait.” When will all this Jewel-trashing end? When we stop treating personality as a personal possession and honor it as a Divine oracle. In short, when we get hip to God’s archetypal ornamentation and start studying the scripture encoded into our very face and demeanor.  

The best defense of the Bible I ever heard as a child was that only a cruel Creator would deprive his creations of some kind of instruction manual. Something deep in my little boy soul nodded with approval even as I squirmed at the thought of a revelation so heady and vulnerable to egoic twists of interpretation over time. Now I squirm with anticipation. In this computer-for-everyone age, the stage is set for the de-suppression of an ancient “dharma” previously reserved only for the mathmatically sophisticated astrologer-priests, and those rich enough to consult and/or control them. We are witnessing the beginnings of an oracular uprising in which the one-size-fits-all commandments of the past are being upgraded into a more compassionate and customized kind of Bible: archetypal astrology.

This, I believe, is the essence of what the age of Aquarius is all about. 

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