Letter to the Graduates of the Styles of Awakening Training

CONGRATULATIONS. You have devoted three months of your life to cracking the code of personality. Three months of feeling past the ego’s 12 lonely, strutting, believed-in me-stories, to the spacious, all-embracing and benevolent heart that animates them all. Will this course provide enough psychological insight and momentum of mercy to establish a lifelong habit of hearing the muffled cries for love undergirding the ego’s various brands of reactivity? Will you use your archetype-spotting skills to feel past the circumference of personality to the positively intended Being shining through? Truthfully, so long as we imagine ourselves as solid, separate beings wanting to “help” other solid, separate beings, the answer will be “no.”

The best this course can do is deliver you to the threshold of a meditative way of seeing–a worldview in which “people” are simply the outer circumference of your own mind. Indeed, the archetypes are nothing more than windows into this relaxed, open and interpenetrated worldview. This is what “Oneness” looks like. Why, over time, might you pull the drapes back over this window that reveals such an awesome archetypal landscape? Three reasons:

1. Because living in a world of automated egos, going in and out of trances of archetypal possession, with little means of understanding or honoring their style of awakening will, and must, break your heart open.

2. Because the archetypes will hold you to a higher standard of compassion. No longer can you afford the luxury of dumb dislike; whereas once you may have justified your aversion to a display of pushy Aries anger, you now quickly recognize this archetype’s style of grasping for “solid somebody status” as no more desperate than your own.

3. Because you long for “the good old days” when body types and personalities were tethered to rock-hard inner entities and you weren’t “reduced” to staring into a fog of smoldering, impersonal archetypes back lit by some unfathomable Driver speeding towards you with their brights on.

How will we develop the stamina needed to intelligently meet these endless waves of me-stories crying for release from themselves? How will we resist the temptation to look away as we stare, squirming, in the mirror of yet another soul as they take long, deep drags from the cigarette of personal history? We can’t. Only a regular practice of meditation and tender self-inquiry can do that. Only awareness itself, can heartily and playfully engage with the styles of awakening because only it has the naked seeing necessary to recognize personality as dream sport- machinations of the One Mind in the throes of waking up to itself. In short, without “Dharma,” “Astro” is just too heartbreaking to stay present to.

Thank you all, fellow Styles students, for making this uniquely Aquarian investment in your awakening. On behalf of all those who will, no doubt, be feeling themselves compassionately penetrated by you in places where others obtusely judge, I say “God bless you.” May we all walk lucid through the dream of separation with muscular Aries presence and intuitive daring.

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