The Three Quandaries of the Pisces Muse

pisces muses
THE AWAKENED PISCES part of us was born fully able to see through the play of form. Whereas the other archetypes must meditatively inquire in order to recognize their 3-D stomping grounds as transient, surreal and unworthy of attachment, Pisces meditates in order to stay psychologically solid, incarnate and materially invested. The only thing that stands a chance of grounding Pisces is embodying their karmic part in the play: becoming a beckoning muse that crashes creaky egos into the rocks of timeless presence.

In Greek mythology, the muses inspired and presided over the different creative arts. Indeed, artistic beauty is a kind of benevolent seduction. It lifts us up, then drops us down into a more enriched, sacred experience of ordinary life. for Pisces, personality itself is a canvas and psychic energies are their entrancing—-but, too often, unconsciously dabbed—-color palette.

Fascinating, is it not, that the most feminine, shy and receptive archetype has access to the greatest power: the ability to lighten the burden of the separate self in others and induct them into states of timeless reprieve? As Mathew 20:16 says, “the last shall be first.”

What happens when the Piscean power of induction is put in the service of ego? A shape-shifting, chameleon-like personality that uses their sensitivity to manipulate you into helping them regressively withdraw from the harshness of the world. Think: addiction, codependency and delusional introspection. In short, false transcendence.

How can you help them reclaim their true inductive potency? By understanding and having compassion for the three psychological quandaries they must regularly deal with:

1) Menacing guilt
Pisces is, perhaps, the most uncommonly genuine and infectious wielder of unconditional love. This unfakeable aura opens many doors. Sprinkle just a dash of egoic agenda on top and, voilá, they’re pretty sure to get whatever they want. Of course, because they’re so psychically interpenetrated with everyone, the slightest deception or betrayal subjects them to a thousand lashings in their dreams. At this point, they have three options: take it to their altar and repent, dissociate, or go have a drink. How would you feel if the universe held you to such high standards?

2) Identity theft
Because Pisces feels so intimately what a costume the archetypal trance of personality really is, no other sign has more command over how to manipulate its wardrobe of images, energies and guises. This explains why Pisces is so good with media, photography, film and, yes, acting. Because their identity is so fluid and they so effortlessly “become” their characters, it’s positively vexing when they choose a less-than-admirable partner or part for themselves. How would you feel if every passing mood had the potential to rewire you into a new identity?

3) Personality as perpetration

Pisces is haunted by the truth that the automated trance of personality is inherently unkind and manipulative–a collection of contrived, behavioral strategies lab-tested to move us closer to whatever ego wants and repel what it doesn’t. The fact that we were born predisposed to certain traits (from strategies-turned-habit in previous lives, symbolized by our birth chart) and that our personality traits have become, over time, second-nature does not change the fact that a large percentage of our me-story shtick is motivated by hope and fear-the two proven ways of avoiding true intimacy with the moment. How might you feel if anything less than pure emptiness and presence felt like unkind manipulation?

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