Astrodharma Mentorship Program: Learn astrology as a tool of awakening

IF ONENESS or “divine presence” is ever to become more than a flickering insight, we will need to find a way of converting the everyday ego-field into a Buddha field. That means consciously confronting our archetypal biases and learning–through self-inquiry, meditation and compassion practice–to have a steadier experience of divine intent.

This psycho-spiritual training is designed not only to guide you into this personality-penetrating world view, but also trains you to facilitate this clear seeing in others. In this program, you will use your daily life as the laboratory for understanding how the archetypes manifest in the world. The material is presented through email and weekly, individual mentoring calls.

In this training, you will:

Improve your relationship to yourself and others by becoming astrologically literate.

Ground spiritual insights through Astrodharmic methods so that you can start living them instead of just thinking them.

Become skilled and effective at using astrology without the time-consuming, technical learning curve usually necessary to become a full-time, professional astrologer.

Learn to consciously work with your archetypal challenges and gifts — and to facilitate this for others — by using practical meditative techniques and perceptual tasks tailored to specific archetypes.

Increase your professional effectiveness by learning a powerful, intuitive method for bringing astrological insight into the work you are already doing. And for those looking to change careers, did you know that astrology as a profession has been shown over the years to be recession-proof?

Limited space!

Because of the amount of personal attention given to each participant, I am taking only a limited number of students for this pilot program, so sign up now to reserve your place. Training begins on January 9, 2012.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT if you sign-up before December 1st.

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