In Search of the Un-go-away-able God

personality plusASTROLOGY GETS a bad rap in meditative, nondual circles because it seems to focus on our differences and make personality — the ego’s seductive evidence of separation — even more solid and substantial. Good for those who want to manipulate and/or psychoanalyze the illusion, not for those who want to wake up from it. But consider this:
Aren’t we already all too adept at regarding others as illusions? In our little egocentric universes, others already appear to lack the reality we ourselves possess. They already seem to be mere rocks orbiting around our glorious sun. Couldn’t the “nobody out there” approach be typical human callousness dressed up as enlightenment?
Would not a genuinely nondual approach include learning to savor me-stories as divine? If, as we say, we are in search of an un-go-away-able God, wouldn’t it make more sense to approach personality as a kind of holographic dharmic text worthy of diligent study? Wouldn’t we devote ourselves to breaking the code of personality rather than dismissing it?
Properly understood, astrology makes transparent the separate self, reducing our own and other’s me-stories to patterns of archetypal energy playing out, for the most part, unconsciously. To what extent will Beingness shine through our robosapien personality? To the extent we get humble and curious enough to study the profound body/mind text we were born holding in (and as) our hands.

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