Twelve Sacred Mistakes: An Astrological Road Map to Awakening

IT’S HARD TO LET GO of duality. Our ego doesn’t know who it would be without its judgments. Critiquing gives us coordinates. It also keeps us numb to our true nature. Judgment is simply a form of self-forgetting and it happens mostly in the mirror of our fellow mortals. Need a way to track your awakening? An astrological equivalent of The Ten Commandments? Try this: post this Astrodharmic check list on your fridge. Check in with it from time to time. Are you seeing the twelve faces of ego through the meditative lens? Congrats. Backsliding into the mind? No worries. Enlightenment is just another word for “compassionately met mistakes.”

1. Where mind sees embarrassing Aries bravado, meditation sees a clumsily individuating soul learning how to create a healthy synapse across which to spark. 

2. Where mind sees brutish Taurean materialism, meditation sees a spirit-in-matter disciple, unafraid to make the sloppy journey of “waking down.”  

3. Where mind sees scattered Geminian dilettantism, meditation sees a dedicated student of now struggling for an honestly earned, panoramic synthesis.  

4. Where mind sees sticky Cancerian clannishness, meditation sees a devoted innocence-worshiper anxiously improvising a cocoon for an otherworldly butterfly. 

5. Where mind sees unabashed Leonine self-importance, meditation sees an imperfect inspirer of “soul esteem” urging us to enjoy our part in the divine drama. 

6. Where mind sees unsympathetic Virgoan fault-finding, meditation sees a sacred space artist learning to point gently at the ashram-inducting power of the particular. 

7. Where mind sees placating Libran superficiality, meditation sees the One Heart struggling to taste intimacy in honestly embodied separateness. 

8. Where mind sees Scorpionic psychic control, meditation sees an overeager  catalyzer of congruency intolerant of all gods but the one in our gut.

9. Where mind sees self-inflated Sagittarian preachiness, meditation sees an adolescent inspirer of self-inquiry learning how to “show” instead of “tell.”

10. Where mind sees crass Capricornian opportunism, meditation sees a heroic “Neo”  seduced, for a moment, by the matrix they’re so nobly attempting to infiltrate.  

11. Where mind sees disenfranchising Aquarian “different-ness,” meditation sees a courageous lover of humanity desperate for some world-saving agitation. 

12. Where mind sees unhealthy Piscean martyrdom, meditation sees a gifted empath wrestling with the paradox that oneness enjoys having a boundary.

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