The Funky Hors d’oeuvre: Developing a Taste for Sacred Humiliation

ARE YOU existentially brave? Are you willing to honestly feel into this sense that you are a separate person attempting to bridge a persistent, interpersonal gap? Does this separation-affirming worldview give rise to inner richness, ease and overflowing presence? Can you honestly say you are attracted to living in a psychologically chopped-up world and courting the storyful egos who traverse it?

Do you have the guts to admit your experience of oneness is primarily conceptual?

Perhaps you’ve given up believing that the self/other synapse will ever stop sparking and yanking you around. Perhaps you subconsciously believe that were you to abstain from your well-honed and largely unconscious attraction strategies and truly settle into the seamless field of sentience, all juicy, interesting relationships would stop growing up around you. Perhaps the Specter of Oneness poses such a threat to your tried-and-true, manipulated interpersonal chemistries that it aborts any sincere attempt at sovereign spiritual practice.

Fundamental confessions like these are dangerous, off-limits. Not because they humiliate, but because the ego knows that this particular kind of humiliation is sacred: the funky hors d’oeuvre served just before enlightenment’s steaming main course.

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