Astro-Apocalypse: Is Astrology nudging us into our solar mass perfection?


AS MAGNETIC NORTH races toward Russia 25 miles per year (and accelerating) and earth’s changing magnetic flux lines fatally confuse more and more fish, birds and bees, one thing is clear: this is not a time for tepid transformation. With only one year left until the Sun (if not the earth) swaps poles, it’s time to stop erring on the side of sobriety and open our arms to life’s solar mass perfection.

Need some help? Repeat after me: “We do not dream; we are dreamt.” One more time, allowing it to reverberate: “We do not dream; We. Are. Dreamt.” Notice any impulse to agree, disagree or stay disengaged. Consider the possibility that reflexive positioning–a habitual aversion to “view” in favor of “point of view”– is the essence of ego. Can you feel the grasping-for-a-self quality in this kind of premature posturing? How it anesthetizes the sensations in your body and shouts down your intuition?

 According to the Mayan calendar, beginning March 8th we will be experiencing one year’s worth of evolution (or resistance to same) every 18 days. How is your nervous system calibrating? Are you wired and distracted? Are you numbing out — secretly flattering yourself that your particular patch of incarnational mud is so epicly unremarkable that no lotus could possibly rise up from it? Look around. Notice the two poles: pain-killing distraction and ponderous self-importance. Be a hero. Let your heart break. Nobody ever woke up purely for themselves.

The economy, the weather, the political unrest — even the growing police state —  it’s a ruse. Incarnation has always been an extinction level event, doomage the ego’s favorite plumage. The bottom line: this suave mirage we call “me” has been panicking — hurling itself into craving, aversion and indifference scripts in order to feel some glimmer of solidity — from day one.  Now by grace, a window of opportunity has opened up. Our privileged outsides are becoming more congruent with our eerie insides. We’ve cornered ourselves and there’s only one sane move: loosen our grip on everything before it is or isn’t taken away and find out who remains.

Ah, but does this experience of being nudged into a proactive, experience of loss (a.k.a. meditation) jive with what astrology says about our current predicament? Only perfectly.

Think back to 1964. Uranus was kissing Pluto for four years. A riotous unrepression. Now these two are arguing (squaring) each other (2011-2015). Honeymoon over. Time for some seriously unmedicated intervention.

On a personal level, Uranus represents sudden, radical shifts in consciousness. Pluto represents the deepest and darkest kinds of self-reckoning. The square between these two challenges us to allow disowned, shadowy truths and energies to flush us clean enough to show up shiny, mirror-like: poised for our next crack at crazy wisdom. Bowing down to a level-headed god? You’re ripe for revolution.

On a societal level this is, like the 60’s, a power vs. people transit. The difference is that Pluto (large faceless institutions such as governments and big business) has grown more disproportionately powerful and technologically repressive just as equality-loving Uranus has grown more democratically demanding and globally unstoppable. A tectonic mix, as dear Gaia so faithfully reflects.

Will Pluto put down the spirit of freedom? Will Uranus checkmate Pluto’s misuse of power? Better question: Can you feel the meaningless suspense embedded into these tired, time-bound questions? Victim/perpetrator paradigms like these make their living off of fear — gladly trading places forever. Better to return to our mantra:

We do not dream; we are dreamt.

And the worst we can do is pretend to be something other than the one enlivened by the journey from person — to presence — to awareness of even that.

Revolution or repression, boom or bust, our situation is fundamentally unchanged: We have an inbound comet (self-clinging) and we need to move quickly into our underground bunker: worshipful abandon.

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