One-month Relationship Intensive

Relationship Intensive
DUE TO THE DEMAND for deeper, ongoing work with aspiring and established couples, I am now offering one month Relationship Intensives. In addition to four weekly 1.5-hour counseling sessions, I will suggest specific archetypal self-inquiry exercises and interactive homework for each partner that will assist them in understanding, accepting and supporting each other’s unique, astrologically ordained style of awakening. By the end of this month, both partners will have made a giant leap towards becoming true allies in awakening. Questions? Email me to see if this intensive is right for you.

Relationship Intensive — Includes 4 weekly 1.5 hour sessions


If you are looking for a true resolution to a conflict, two things from my opinion are necessary: a willingness to take a honest look at yourself and a skilled mediator who can facilitate a resolution that frees you from its burdens on all levels of your awareness. In my 40 plus years of business experience as an entrepreneur and advisor I have had the good fortune of meeting many good mediators but none that understand and approach resolution as an integrated process of bringing light to the material, emotional and spiritual aspects of the conflict. Hunter Reynolds comes with my highest endorsement. He is true champion in the field of conflict resolution.
~Andrew Salony, entrepreneur and business advisor, Bali, Indonesia

My boyfriend and I were at a crossroads.
Hunter’s straight-talk and laser beam insights struck us like lightning and continue to offer daily insight a full year later, giving us the vision and energy to do the work we are here to do and to see each other for who we really are. A pivotal marker in our personal and interpersonal development.
~Joellen Clark-Peterson, event coordinator, Eureka, California

The session my husband and I had with Hunter was truly life changing.
We were at a point in our relationship where misunderstandings were happening around every corner, and we were having serious doubts if our relationship was going to survive. From the moment we sat down, it was incredible how Hunter was able to speak to us about the very place we were struggling in our relationship. Not only did he help us understand each other, we also learned a great deal about ourselves and it brought great comfort hearing “it’s all in the charts.” In spite of perceived struggles in life, it is also comforting to have confirmation we are following our intended paths. Having the recording of our session is a cherished gift, and Hunter is truly gifted with his ability to say exactly what we need to hear in a compassionate way. Months later, I still consider our encounter with Hunter as the turning point in our relationship.
~MB, Brooklyn, New York

Hunter nudges and prods and holds you in the gentlest way
so that you move past the wearying ego-protecting ping pong of grievances and settle into a deeper understanding of what’s really going on in the relationship. He enables a meeting of hearts. He crystallised and gave words to our fundamental needs, and also clarified blind spots and aspects of our individual conditioning we might need help with. To understand that we could be each other’s best ally in this process of awakening was a game changer. At the same time, it was also very practical in terms of setting up a framework for going forward. Inspiring, heart-opening and very motivating.
~PT, writer, Brighton, UK

The way Hunter holds space as a counselor is truly wonderful.
He is able to shine light on the core issues and needs between my partner and I and he does this in both a confrontational and a gentle way, tuning in to what we can grasp at each specific moment. This makes it a very safe and supportive place to open up to unconscious habits and deep emotions. it is like learning a new language, both for yourself and in the way you relate and communicate as a couple.
~Marianne, teacher, Philippines

My partner and I have been seeing Hunter for quite some time
and continue to benefit from his big picture view on how we work together and the challenges we face, both as individuals and as a couple. I highly recommend him not just as a counselor and guide, but as an educator who can help couples build upon strengths that are inherent in their relationship.
~Amy Rachelle, ND, Raw Food Educator, Bali, Indonesia

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