Astrodharma Camp 2017 in Rishikesh, India

Astrodharma Camp
March 7-13, 2017
Contact Hunter for info packet and application.

Are you ready for a cutting edge, 7-day adventure in astrodharmic self-inquiry?
Astrologer Hunter Reynolds and dharma teacher Jane Brunette are now accepting applications for the second Astrodharma Camp in Rishikesh, India.

This gathering will be largely experiential, emphasizing the use of archetype and spiritual practice as catalysts for realizing non-duality in everyday life. Because our meetings will follow a daily satsang held by Advaita teacher, Mooji, in the pilgrimage town of astrocamp bellRishikesh, the energy of this gathering will be particularly illuminating. In the interest of working dynamically and deeply with each participant and building an intimately supportive sangha, we are limiting the camp to just 10 people.

Included in this year’s camp are two pre-camp Skype interviews:
an astrological interview with Hunter and a spiritual practice interview with Jane Brunette. In the Astro interview we will, together, agree on a few astrologically alive life challenges and fashion them into personal koans or inquiries that will be shared later with the whole group. Similarly, Jane will help you to identify and articulate a few shareable intentions regarding your overall spiritual direction, and some grounded next steps in your practice. With these inquiries and intentions in hand, we will create a safe space for targeted self-inquiry and carefully facilitated group mirroring and support.

moojiWhat makes these intimate afternoon (and occasional evening) sessions particularly powerful is the way they balance the (optional) morning satsangs with Mooji.
By addressing both the transpersonal and the personal dimensions of awakening, Astrodharma Camp is uniquely positioned to facilitate grounded and sustainable transformation. As an added bonus, you will leave this week-long pilgrimage with some amazing, newfound allies in awakening.

The camp is likely to fill up fast.
If you feel drawn to join us, please let us know as soon as possible and we will send you an information packet and application. Guest house lodging will need to be reserved independently by each participant as early as possible, as this is peak season in Rishikesh. The total cost of the camp depends on your taste in accommodations: we will provide a list of options within walking distance in a range of budgets, as well as basic travel tips for India, but each participant is responsible for their own travel arrangements. The sessions will be held at Seventh Heaven Inn in Tapovan, a short rickshaw ride from Mooji’s satsang.

The price includes tuition only — airfare and accommodation are additional.

Sliding scale: $995 – $895 – $795 – Application required.
Those abundant financially, please pay at the top of the scale so we have the means to invite those with access to fewer resources.


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“Astrodharma Camp is a safe and powerful way to realize Buddha nature and practice seeing it in others. Anyone who is ready (or not ready) to radically love themselves in the truest sense needs to experience this retreat. I didn’t realize I had shut off a valve for love to flow through until I sat in this circle and received the medicine of this sky-gazing, eye-gazing group.  I highly recommend this retreat to everyone, so we can all come to our astrologically-ordained growth-edge in a safe and supported container.”
~Maira Rios, Administrative Director, Los Angeles

K pure view“In the luminescent auras of these two heart-centered teachers and a sangha of pure view, my vision of myself and others has gone through a paradigm shift. The critical mind has been overridden by a vastness of clarity and acknowledgement of the Buddha nature in all beings. If  you wish to embody a fuller expression of your Being, I highly recommend Astrodharma Camp. The intimate rituals, group chart readings and honest, intensive mirroring will stimulate your soul’s growth and vaporize residual fears, doubts and self-criticism.”
~John Shrader, Meditation teacher/counselor, Mexico

I recommend this retreat to every sentient being. Through Jane and Hunter’s oral teaching, the Astrodharma articles and charts, and the numerous rituals (especially the Buddha seat ritual, prostrations and our altar work) and everyone’s feedback and sharing: I now see myself as a confident, well-spoken, warm and playful human being able to be present in both listening and talking. Buddhist “Pure view” is a quantum leap for deep communication and play with all fellows. How interconnected we are! It’s not possible to do this alone!”
~CF, Oslo

I highly recommend this retreat to anyone with the guts, brains and heart to step into to the fullness of their being. Jane’s altar work and the expression of the Divine Feminine created for the satsang altar: absolutely beautiful, breathtaking. My bubble popped and there’s nowhere to go now but out, and trust the vastness as my new bubble.”
~Stephanie Fisher, Massage Therapist, Gig Harbor, Washington 

Pw Pure View“The combination of astrological insight and satsang helped me “own” the sensitive, compassionate, justice-driven warrior nature that has always been present within me, despite western, power-over paradigm brainwashing to the contrary.  In the first ritual, allowing thoughts to float away, an expansive light rose to the surface. I found myself chanting, laughing and swimming in the now. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting the space and archetypal structure to awaken to their true life.”
~Peter Walden, Executive director, Rhythm Arts Alliance, Los Angeles,

Astrodharma Camp gave me the amazing gift of relaxing into my natural self and speaking from that. Over and over, I witnessed the ways that critique jumps in and blocks clarity, then returned to Pure View for the sake of all. I am now committed to this above all else. If you are ready for a deeper expression of your true self for the benefit of all beings, this retreat will give you some amazing tools to work with.”
~KS, Mother/Grandmother, Pennsylvania

Astrodharma Camp helped me cultivate compassion towards my darkness without the need to demonize it. It also reduced my habit of extracting shit from other people’s shadows. The sky-gazing, pillow exercise and group astro-chart analysis- as well as the sacred setting of Rishikesh- were all super powerful. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to claim their gold and deepen their authentic relationship to themselves and others.”
~Don Garvan, CEO, Sydney, Australia

An amazing circle of beautiful people that helped me deepen into, and trust, my moment-to-moment  experience. Thank you, Jane, for your expertise, wisdom and caring heart and thank you, Hunter, for your incredible talent of seeing through people to the core of who they are.”
~Kseniya P, Moscow, Russia

astrocamp jump2015 Astrodharma Camp testimonials:

“ONE OF THE MOST moving experiences of my life. Anyone who knows intuitively that it’s time to awaken and metamorphosize into their authenticity should believe in the synergistic power channeled by Hunter and Jane to crack you open, heal your wounds, and fill you with light.”
~Michael, business owner, Washington

A beautifully co-led, wise, safe and compassionate space to uncover and confess ourself free of ego, illuminating that all beings are our reflections. Amazing, courageous gurus!
~Karin, Pennsylvania

Astrodharma Camp allowed me to remember my purpose and reground in spiritual practice as a way to uplift others. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who has the desire to connect deeply with the archetypes in their heart so that they may better understand, have compassion for, and heal both themselves and others. Thank you Jane and Hunter!
~Dawn, Astrologer, California

This retreat was my lighthouse, shining the way back home. The paradigm shifts that took place in this beautiful tribe took me on a journey into oneness and compassion that will stay with me always. A priceless gift.
~Maira, California

The essence that is transmitted through this program of study affirms the existence of God. Invaluable.
~Valerie, Astrologer, Michigan

I recommend this retreat to anyone looking for understanding through the windows of astrology and the dharma, ready to go beyond the old veil paradigm into a rich field of realness, grounded in compassion and love.
~Rupa, Maui, Hawaii

This retreat was a beautiful exploration
of archetypal diversity in the context of non duality, helping me gain perspective on my shadow parts and on my relationships with others. Wow!
~Sonja, Consultant, Burma

A liberating view of the archetypes
that allowed me to more deeply sense the impersonalness of experience and reclaim my capacity for transformation.
~Venessa, Australia



Please note: All payments for the Styles of Awakening Training and other Astrodharma Institute courses are non-refundable.

Thanks to Aymara Photography for photos from the last Astrodharma camp.