Astrodharma Transit Report: January 2018


Without periodic dredging, the pond of the mind becomes a stinky swamp. The swimmable layer of awareness grows thinner and thinner until, finally, it becomes a weedy wet spot.

Okay, so dredging is essential. But how? Two options:

1) Learn to humbly meet and dissolve identity-clinging habits of mind, on-the-spot, via meditation and meditative relating.

2) Leverage personality traits to achieve desires right up until our final breath when reincarnation dutifully drags its heavy plow through our mental mud.

Meditation or Evisceration?

So which will it be: meditation or evisceration? Too grim a rendering? Consider this:

Perhaps the reason we incarnated during a time when the line between real and fake news is so blurry was to frustrate and redirect our attention back at what we can know: our bare-bones existential predicament. Saturn, after all, just moved into its home sign, Capricorn, which rules sober, disciplined commitment to the mastery of a goal. Does not “meditation or evisceration” embody Cap’s serious, Samurai-like resolve?

Okay, but what does “pond maintenance” have to do with January? Well, perhaps you noticed that the latter half of December was a bit “dredgey?” Ever since the solstice, Saturn has been conjuncting Sun, Venus and retrograded Mercury- all in the sober sign of Capricorn. A great time for work; a poor time for structureless holiday relating.

But that’s all over now. It’s the first day of 2018 and the Full Moon in Cancer is in a high-flying “kite” formation with Neptune and Mars/Jupiter. Prime time to break out of patterns, re-imagine a more soulful trajectory and map out the new year. This fresh, innovative wave of energy carries all the way through January in the form of a disruptively enlivening Uranus square to the Sun, Saturn, Venus and Pluto. As if to agitate and prod us further, Uranus administers a series of collective shocks that enlighten the world about injustices that, in their mere exposure, restore our faith in the future.

Salivating for a pedo perp walk? Careful. Better to catch the criminality in our own mind, as it ravages pure seeing.

Full Moon Meditations

Jan 1st Full Moon in Cancer

The novel of life drags. The author, despicable- addicting us with meaningless suspense. Still, something keeps reading. Suddenly, The Friend looks through us, seeing only blank pages. When is “ambition” fear of what shows up when we’re resting, at home, with nowhere to go?

Jan 30 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Praise: You can only go so long without it. Then something breaks. But this candle wax ego was not designed to survive the flame of love. Is this feeling of being unappreciated and unseen an initiation into the fullness of Being, unbattered by the moods of other egos?



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