Astrodharma Transit Report: February 2018


The purpose of meditative astrology is to help us stop falling for the “trait bait” and attune into the soul’s divine intent. May this Transit Report inspire and spur you on!

FEBRUARY KICKS OFF with a Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Leo on Jan 31st that throws its shadow-purging grace across the entire month.

Lunar eclipses go one of two ways: we become alpha-honest, introspective shadow-hounds or we conjure some dark theatrical distraction that places our shadow “out there” and, thereby, postpone the ache of honest self-reckoning. Eventually, if we’re lucky, the 3-D boogeymen we conjure become so monotonously menacing that we finally pull back the projection, own them as mirrors, and poof, the world looks friendly again!

The purpose of an eclipsed moon in Leo is to expose our chi-deadening habits of mind so we can break free of them and make room for more creative, wholehearted self-expression. In this eclipse, because of the Sun’s conjunction with Venus, we’re being nudged to perform this purge collaboratively, via tender, intimacy-producing confession with a beloved.

Curiously, this eclipse achieves totality only hours after Donald Trump’s state of the union address. Don’t have any Venus to shadow-reckon with? No problem. Trump’s soul is as shiny a mirror as you will find anywhere.

The Scariest Thing About Trump

The scariest thing about Trump is that he (like everyone) doesn’t exist beyond the me-stories we (or the media) project onto him. Who is he? Simple. He’s an in-your-face, oversized reminder of how tragically convincing our own hardened me-stories have become. In the presence of this provocative, ruddy faced Rooster-King (Mars conjunct ASC in Leo), personality-fixated egos have but two options: demonize or idealize.

Why did you choose to incarnate during a Trump presidency? Perhaps to heal your relationship with the Martian face of God which, thank God, is arrogant enough to attempt something truly heroic. The most heroic thing, of course, is to feel the spacious “state of union” that shines from people’s eyes even when they’re acting like silly monsters. In that spirit…

Imagine Trump fully awake as a nondual teacher. He would still have Mars in Leo on the Ascendent and he would still be a graduate of the New York Military Academy, so his way of delivering satsang would continue to be blunt and combative. Close your eyes now. Time to listen to the master.

Get real. Every day, countless numbers of souls are inhaling your proudly orphaned aura, your terrified niceness. You wanna save the world? Stop killing it!

Life is a rough-and-tumble dream-sport and you, baby, are the battlefield. Be a winner. Blow up your spiritual me-story, play hard, and stay anchored in your true position as awareness, itself.

Two Weeks of Foreplay

During these first few weeks of February, please remember: this messy, piecemeal eruption of the subconscious is foreplay for the upcoming Solar eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th when the full story comes into view. Until then, it’s unlikely we have enough actionable intelligence to chart a clear path forward.

Cheer up. Mercury has moved out of sober, strategic Capricorn into visionary, team-building Aquarius, and Mars has graduated from smouldery Scorpio into straightforward Sagittarius. The New Year hasn’t quite found itself yet. This month’s eclipses: the pivot point you’ve been waiting for.

In the mean time, let’s all admit: the purity of our eternal soul cannot rest or feel at home anywhere without a steady diet of divine presence. The proof? Look around. The whole planet is busy shopping for a flicker of mind-killing communion that their eyes are too scared to meet. Ouch. Ready to help? Here’s how:

Dopamine vs. Oxytocin

Notice: in exact proportion to how much your brain is undersaturated with the hormone released during snuggling and any form of authentic human bonding (Oxytocin), you peck more intensely at your glowing screen for tiny junk food spikes of Dopamine. This is not a curious factoid. This is an ominous Aquarian eclipse confession poised to break our Leo heart.

Researchers have shown that Dopamine regulates motivation, causing individuals to initiate and persevere to obtain something either positive or negative. I repeat: “either positive or negative.” Get it: Dopamine addiction is turning us into self-absorbed, amoral creatures of ambition. It is not released when we feel pleasure per se. Instead, it squirts “keep going” chemicals into our brain as we accomplish the little tasks that move us closer to a fulfilled desire.

Oxytocin, on the other hand, is languid, sensual, deliciously savoring. It secretes when we sense that we’ve arrived, whispering, “This is it. You’re safe at home in the heart with another. Relax. There’s nothing to prove and nowhere to go.”

The problem arises when we attempt to get our vulnerable, Venusian Oxytocin needs met from remote Saturnian clicks of Dopamine. That’s called internet addiction and we’re all somewhere on the spectrum. Now that the Leo/Aquarius polarity is fully lit up, it’s prime time to admit that our Leonine heart-needs cannot be satisfied virtually.

In short, we cannot drop fully into the authority of our Being with another and taste the truth of our Oneness without completely silencing the longing for “somewhere else” (a.k.a. turning off our iPhone).

Mantra for the month:

This is my place. These are my people.

Aquarius Meditation

Think of someone you honor deeply. Perhaps you haven’t spoken to them for years. Perhaps you’ve never physically met them. Doesn’t matter.  Like an IV tube dripping slowly into your wrist, they’ve got you on life support.  In the same way,  untold numbers of souls have your IV tube shoved into them. In this way, your daily Leo “yes” to life is pumping world-saving chi into the larger Aquarian world.


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