Astrodharma Transit Report: November 2017


Ah, November: that scandal-outing interval when the whole planet turns into a confession booth. Time to pull back the projected self-hatred toward those bumbling “Pluto square Mars” souls like Harvey Weinstein and re-aim the “witch hunt” at our own premature penetrations. What’s that you say? You’re pretty Weinstein-free? Careful. We all have Pluto/Scorpio/8th house influences in our chart and the more subtle the seizing of psychic control, the more insidious.

Fortunately, this month’s transits equip us with the precise mixture of Aquarian detachment and Pisces empathy we need to maintain a warm distance from ego’s endless expose’s and power plays.

1) Uranus trine Saturn

Uranus trine Saturn (all month) encourages us to google earth our gaze high above the grim grey fray so we can see what’s actually going on down here, every day: a drunk Halloween. Nameless eye holes are bobbing to an addictive pulse, and — as a prod to inquire into who, exactly, is wearing the mask — the party is going magnificently.

2) Neptune Trine Mercury/Sun/Jupiter/Venus

Lest we get too spiritually cool and impersonal, broken-hearted Neptune whispers,

Focus primarily on the energetic signature of your words and deeds, not so much on their form and content. Only by landing the arrow of attention on the ageless innocence at the center of each eye, will empathic failures stop boomeranging back at you.

Okay. But suppose our arrows do miss the mark and we suffer a bout of empathic failure. What then? Simple. Admit what you’ve become: a “Score-peon.”

Are you a “Score-peon?”

We all have a believed-in me-story, or ego, and ego’s tireless mission is to “score” other souls on the basis of their superficial personality traits instead of savoring Boundless Being at discernible stages of Self-remembering. Why are we so attached to this superficial scoring? Because we get to exist as “The Scorer,” and, in this way, sidestep our me-story’s desperate ephemeralness (a.k.a. “ego death.”)

No use resenting minds for having me-stories! Ah, but during Scorpio season the stories seem so irredeemably dark! Not so. They’re just more naked. My advice for November: try replacing unforgivable terms like “psychopath” or “pedophile” with “average, everyday Score-peon:” victims of that score-stinging impulse that turn us into “peons:” a person of low rank, small and inconsequential.

Is it dark or is it time to stop falling for the “trait bait” and get hip to the developmental stages of Scorpio? The Scorpions sting, the Eagles offer therapy, and the Doves use their penetrating prowess to facilitate egoic death and rebirth. Ask: Who really “owns” the awareness in which all three show up?

The Half-Hearted Detective

Don’t waste November getting caught up in judging and forgiving corrupt institutions and their henchmen. Uranus opposition Sun/Jupiter in Scorpio presents us a with a much more enlivening opportunity: break free of the paradigm that gives rise to ruthless reactivity. How? First, notice how your ruthless reactivity is adding to the world’s ruthless reactivity. How does it actually feel to hate the haters? Instead, expose the haughty premise upon which your aversions rest.

Here’s a few haughty presumptions to get you started:

Haughty Premise:

I know how the props on this worldly stage should be arranged so souls can most speedily and efficiently evolve- and THIS AIN’T IT!


How grim is the gaze of the half-hearted detective!

Haughty Premise:

Sexual abuse and pedophilia create wounds with zero corresponding gifts and, for this reason, they completely annihilate the possibility of an omnipresent god.


How grim is the gaze of the half-hearted detective!

Have some dark fun with this. Memorize the confession and recite it out loud in response to a friend’s doomy diatribe. Make fun of the mind. Say it snooty, with the accent of a British scholar. Does owning-up have to be long-faced in order to be liberating?

How grim is the gaze of the half-hearted detective!

Notice: the more you confess, the more you become the Score-peon’s tender witness. Instead of stewing in your half-hearted detective juices, you begin to…

“…open out into this vast mystery like a bud in the forest at midnight!” ~Rabindranath Tagore



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