The Most Hateful Thing About Astrology

THE MOST HATEFUL thing about astrology is not that it’s woo-woo enough to link faraway planetary positions with the colors of personality, but how it pushes us to face our meditative mediocrity. After all…

If every mortal psyche is somehow tweaked by the way starry constellations hang in the sky (a.k.a. the void’s passing mood), we are either god-spawn spin-offs of an ever-evolving, universe-sized Psyche or we’re space junk with a flattering self-concept.

Either way, we’re screwed.

Option # 1 means that our callous, soul-blind habits of mind will likely follow us from incarnation to incarnation, so the time to toughen up and enlist in some kind of merciful witness boot camp is NOW. (Check out the Styles of Awakening Training.)

Option # 2 means that the most mystical union we’ve ever known is simply the Apocalypse in a good mood.


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