Astrodharma Transit Update: September 2017


DURING THE FIRST week of September, the continuing transit of Mercury retrograde conjuncts Mars in the exact degree of last month’s solar eclipse (29 degrees Leo). Impatient to pivot onto those new trajectories revealed during last month’s Solar eclipse? Feeling revved up with no clear, action steps to relieve the tension? Careful. This is the time to say “yes” to grace delivered, not push forward with prideful resolve.

Keep your hot head down and integrate the revelations of August. This period of humble restraint continues until after Mercury retrograde goes direct on the 5th followed by the profound, destiny-revealing Full moon in Pisces conjunct mediumistic Neptune, on September 6th. Will you say “yes” to Neptune’s “divine flood” by carving out some time for meditation and reflection? If so, you stand a good chance of winning September’s grand prize: a shiny new path of soul-service that comes complete with Virgo stepping stones and a check-list.

Next comes Venus in Leo trine Uranus (13-24). A chance to dance naked on the rooftop of our light-flooded psyche in a defiant act of fun for the sake of fun.

Five planets move through the clinical, problem-solving sign of Virgo this month- each one taking a turn at being conjunct or opposed by drunken Neptune (ruler of Pisces). This persistent pressure to burst the damn between Virgo and Pisces makes September ideally suited to blending obligatory work with “meditation in action.” By the time we get to the New Moon in Virgo on September 20th, we stand a good chance of realizing:

Analysis is the art of creation through destruction.
-P.S. Baber.

Translation: Designing a life with more soulful flow requires that we trace the scalpel of our attention around mind’s grim, finite self-image, as grace meditatively lifts it out, like a cancerous mole. Thank you, September, for delivering the clinical coolness required to cut free of, and cauterize, the martyr-like ways we love and serve!

Bottom line: Work and meditation were meant to be synonymous. Realize this now, implores Neptune, or suffer an impossible-to-diagnose, mind/body malaise.

By the time the Sun and Mercury enter Libra on the 22nd and 29th, the fledgling vision of a new life that we glimpsed during last month’s Eclipsograde should be lifting into short bursts of flight. Farewell to you, sweet wingless adolescence!

Our Inner Houston

Neptune is the symbol of divine communion, floods and all manner of boundary-breaching immersion. She saturates and makes drunken what has become overly formalized and time-bound.

Seen through this symbolic lens, the Biblical floods in Houston, Texas are a collective wake up call, urging us to proactively dissolve ourselves into the seamless field of sentience before Neptune gets a chance to waterlog and rot our ramshackle me-stories. How? By indulging in deliberate, digestible amounts of disorientation. By suffering the healthy micro-traumas that occur as Neptune floods us with measured, daily amounts of meditation and ego-dissolving presence.

Only Neptune, goddess of of the all-swallowing sea, has the power to silence the vitriol of media-mind by filling in — and, thereby, annihilating — the imaginary space between us. This is the flood we long for: our inner Houston.

When the waters recede, will the polarizing fake news return? Neptune sighs,

Who wants to know? The one who craves authenticity is, itself, a lie.



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