Astrodharma Transit Report: June 2017


JUNE IS A STAGE SET for electrically charged communication and the sly art of interBeing. The Venus/Pluto square has finished purging the shadow elements of our relationships and the jerky, gas/brake motion of the Mars/Saturn opposition is fading fast. Now comes the gutsy, “fear forward” energy that is Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries (June 1-6th).

June, you see, marks the end of the post Mercury and Venus retrograde shadow periods. Time to reignite our risk-taking fire and go face-to-face, in a more playful, spontaneous way, with the Divine Stare, a.k.a. “Gem-in-eye.”

Okay, so the energy is there to freely exercise your Gemini organ (tongue), but as what will you speak? And to whom, exactly, are you speaking? Never mind, says lower octave Gemini; spontaneous interplay has value in itself. Folks need to forget about esoteric aspirations like “timeless presence,” and “letting silence grow a tongue” which slow down and sap the passion from the repartee. Or so says the serpent mind.

Have things become stagnant and routine with your partner? Now is the time to creatively destabilize the dynamic before Uranus inspires one of you to rebel and do something enliveningly stupid that puts your otherwise holy relationship at risk.

June 9th Full Moon in Sagittarius

This month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius coincides with Venus going direct, a Venus/Mars sextile and Jupiter stationing direct. It also lights up a mergey, idealistic T-square to Neptune. A sparkly, mutually inspiring time ideally suited to brainstorming and future planning. Don’t get hung up on questions like, “Is this visionary scheme actually workable?” Reality-testing comes later in the month, on the New Moon in Cancer on June 23rd. For now, it’s time to savor the soaring, intelligent level of communication and that transparent, soundbitey thing that Gemini does best: truth in the moment.

There. Now that you’ve taken back your power to banter mischievously with the One Being shining in the eyes of your smelly, mortal friends, you’ve tapped into enough mystical momentum to carry you through the dense, dream-turned-solid temptations of the final week of June (and the entire upcoming month of July) when a barrage of gnarly Pluto oppositions and T-squares pit Titan against Titan, and the myth-making media does everything humanly possible to yank you out of your fullness of being into an easy-to-manipulate, war-weary malaise that’s grounded in grimness and septic with personhood. Why is this so newsworthy? There’s nothing new about ideologically manipulated minds hurling truth-bombs at their own projected self-hatred. You do it yourself. Why watch?

Instead, inquire:

In their heart-of-hearts, what do these clench-fisted characters most deeply want?

Simple. They want a safe space to lay down their personal history. They want you and me to be so comfortable and inviting of their storyless presence that they naturally and un-self-consciously release the burden of the separate self and return to their true position: a Vast Seeing whose light never goes out.

Soundtrack To The Sirens

Having trouble letting silence grow a tongue while the warmonger’s wail? Enlist the aid of this month’s numerous Neptune trines. How? Quit falling for the “trait bait.” See through the talking head’s automated circumference to their positively-intended soul. Reactivity, after all, is a symptom of nobody-at-home-ness- a cry for grounding, stability and love. Instead of reacting to their reactivity, shut up until you feel their suffering. Then validate the existential dimensions of what they’re fighting for by seeing that all war is, at its core, a war to win ourselves back.

Nobody wants to exist in the mind’s version of the world. Ego is angry that it was born and angry that it has to leave (die). Yet, in search of a few momentarily quenched desires, it would rather cling to the me-story that is its poison than stand in its eternal light. Pause now to sink into the democratically distributed sting of that. There. Now you’re a heartbroken disc jockey, empty enough to lay down a soothing soundtrack on top of the sirens, even as you add provisions to your kitchen pantry during the June 23rd new moon in Cancer.

Extra Credit

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