Astrodharma Transit Report: February 2017



THE FIRST WEEK of February is a ramp up to the Feb 10th Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo. To understand this fertile patch of darkness we’ll need to dive into the Leo/Aquarius polarity.

Aquarius is the part of the ego that loves humanity, but is ambivalent about the messy emotional upkeep required to keep people feeling the Leo personalness of our love. This full moon/Lunar Eclipse creates a space where big-picture visions stand a good chance of coming down to earth for some messy manifestation. Gripped by a sufficiently inspiring goal, egos finally figure out how to be both special and equal. It’s all part of a rare and blessed configuration called the “Mystic Rectangle,” (see chart below) that consists of two oppositions (Leo/Aquarius and Aries/Libra) that generously assist each other in balancing each others self/other poles. The result? A high potential for visionary collaboration.

Overlaying this mystic rectangle is a Saturn trine that weaves realism and groundedness into all projects taken on now. So, this full Moon/Lunar eclipse is an ideal time to let an old life go dark and allow a new one to light up. Five planets in fire provide the motivation to risk an entirely fresh start, and under the grounding guidance of Saturn, we are likely to navigate this transition with calmness and patience, planning each exciting step methodically. Bottom line: get out of the house and make yourself vulnerable to some seriously serendipitous encounters.

The February 10th Lunar Eclipse in Leo










With the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury and North Node all piled together into ethereal Pisces at the same time that Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries are pushing us, via a combative Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter T-square, to make some kind of activist intervention, this is an excellent time to discover our version of the spiritual warrior. (See chart below).

Are you a fledgling retreat leader? Nail down a date and get yourself out there on people’s radar. Meditation and self-inquiry require a subtle, but surprisingly muscular, kind of courage- usually the fruit of some been-there-before shepherding. Is your activism more extroverted? Then you get to bring meditation into the mood and message of those pounding the streets. According to this eclipse, communion is the next Bob Dylan. Not sure what that means? Prime time to read, Pure Pisces Protest: The Seditious Hush of Flash Mob Meditations.

Another way to express this unique combination of enlivening individuation and field-sensing flow is to cultivate the Aries courage required to perform a “Pisces Redirect” in the midst of average everyday conversation. Here’s some Pisces prompts to help you started.

Eight Pisces Redirects

1. I have a request: can we stop and sit in not-knowing for a few minutes?

2. I feel sad because I’m noticing how lonely and disconnecting my urge to be right is.

3. I feel closer to you when we inquire, in wonder, together.

4. The conversation that makes me want to be in the body, on the earth, as it is…

5. Life looks lovable when I notice…

6. The suffering of this world feels manageable when I tune into…

7. I’m curious; When you feel the presence of a larger, benevolent intelligence shepherding you through this life, what kind of things do you find yourself thinking about?

8. Tell me: What kind of conversation makes sense to you when you feel compassionately united to the souls of all people – when the edges of your ego dissolve and you feel a throbbing unicity of consciousness?


THE Feb 26th Solar Eclipse in Pisces









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