September 2016 Transit Update


REMEMBER LAST MARCH? For many, it was a mind-bending morph into a new life. Why? Because it was an unusually Piscean eclipse season. Six months later, we find ourselves passing through another pair of Solar and Lunar eclipses. This time, however, the life-pivots unfold in the shadow of Mercury retrograde in Virgo.

September says, “If you want the ego-dissolving river of grace that swept you up last March to continue flowing, you’ll need to reorganize your daily routines and path of service to come into harmony with your March-born psyche.” What good is freedom and transcendence if you can’t integrate them into your embodied role in the matrix? Now that Mars retrograde is over and picking up speed, ego wants to press pedal to the metal and swerve around (vs. remove) the debris on the race track. Don’t go there! Instead, think of September as an efficient Virgo pit stop in which your sludgy imagination gets a much-needed oil change and the wheels of your life-purpose get fresh, ground-grabbing tread for the twists and turns of October and November.

The Sept 1st Solar Eclipse in Virgo

This Solar Eclipse in Virgo is in tight T-square to Saturn and Neptune. A time to inwardly marinate and allow new directions to dawn. In addition, Jupiter is conjunct Mercury. Time to enlarge your thinking. Is there tension between what you intuitively long for and your rigid, preconceived ideas of what’s possible? Great! You’re on the right track. An outdated version of you wants to die to make room for a new life and September is your graveyard.

The Sept 16th Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

This Aquarian eclipse is conjunct Chiron and square Saturn. Now that the casket of your old life has been lowered into the grave, it’s time to start heaving shovel fulls of dirt as you shed tears of farewell to whatever makes you feel miserably secure and admirably un-free. Assuming you did your meditative homework, the week of the solar eclipse gave you a glimpse of a new direction. Now it’s time to confront your inner demons and obstacles. Why? Because you can’t let go of this ill-fitting life until you consciously and viscerally feel how it squeezes and restricts. Now is the time to get constructively thrashy and rebellious. Scream obscenities at your dutiful repression. Poke pins into secret pride of the martyr. There now. It’s done, and you can’t deny it: your spontaneous, life-loving fire needs a more out-of-the-closet, attention-grabbing wardrobe, along with some enlivening mistakes to make your skin glow. “You’re looking so young and beautiful,” say your friends. “What’s your secret?” Tell ’em the truth: shadow work.

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