July 2016 Transit Update: Stepping out into the dream of doer-ship

50a62cf5-3b3c-468d-adf4-232d6b0798c5THE FIRST HALF OF 2016 was, for many, a disorienting faith-tester. With the help of a paradigm-melting Pisces eclipse season followed by a slew of introspective, postponing retrogrades, the Saturn/Neptune square slowly, inexorably drained the lifeblood from our miserably secure roles and relationships. Remember: Neptune is a mercy killer. She prefers slow, imperceptible atrophy and reabsorption to the dissociative chop of Uranus or Plutonic cauterization. Here’s how Jung put it,

Death is a drawing together of two worlds, not an end. We are the bridge.
~Carl Jung

Thank God for Neptune, who helps us lose our bearings enough to drift into previously unimaginable lives. The question now, is, Will we use July to step boldly into the void that Neptune has spent the last six months opening up? No doubt, the dissolution we’ve suffered was painful. But notice also how our relatively recent losses are already too surreal to conjure any credible nostalgia. Bless you Neptune!

Enter July: the more socially lubricated half of 2016. After 2 1/2 months of introspective, strategy-building backwardation, “just do it” Mars is finally inching forward. Look for an uptick in actionable opportunity on July 10/11 when Mars begins to palpably pick up speed.

Been hibernating? Use the New Moon on July 4th, to jump back into the dream of doer-ship- even as the wheels of the world derail.

Yes, you heard me. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Moon will form a series of stressful T-Squares with Pluto and Uranus during this first week of July. This means you get to move forward and feel better about life against a backdrop of false flags and Corpgov vs. common man mayhem. Can you actually do this? For sure- providing you’re mischievous enough to notice:

Awareness is a self-licking ice creme cone.

And inquire:

Did I ever really think that believed-in personality could achieve something more than a well- intentioned misfire?

The Beauty of Tension

Fortunately, during the second half of July, we’re blessed with a barrage of compassion catalyzing Neptune trines designed to help us turn melee into music. Consider this:

Like the body of a guitar needs strings in proper tension to resonate beautifully, the Divine needs ego-strings, taught with illusion of separation, learning how to turn their me-stories into music that celebrates the One Being that we are.

Quick! Before the next Instanbul. Take in these timely tips on how to turn terrorists into gurus.

Unwitting Gurus

The terrorists (like the politicians) win when they control the narrative. What if they’re not dispensers of terror? What if they’re unwitting Gurus? When terrorism strikes, try turning up your dream-interpreting powers by saying,

Thank you for embodying my mental violence so I can more deeply inquire into the ways I grasp for orientation via judgment, instead of resting into my true position: the sublime, untouched consciousness in front of which all judgments happen.

Conscious Convention

July 18-21 and 25-28, mark the dates of the Republican and Democratic conventions in the U.S. Notice that the full Moon in Capricorn on July 19th takes place smack dab in the middle of the Republican pow wow. Look out for crass emotional manipulation designed to inflame ego’s fear of losing safety and security in the Cancer homeland. Will you judge this puppetized charade or witness pure awareness struggling to infiltrate Gemini Donald and Scorpio Hilary?

Here’s a few self-inquiries designed to up your chances of experiencing a conscious convention.

1) What kind of Dementia?

What kind of dementia overlooks the sky full of stars that is our true nature, in favor of the archetypal swamp gas called Hilary and Donald? Ah, now there’s your crooked liar.

2) Brave New Deities

Who better than a Hilary or a Donald to inaugurate a complete loss of faith in the ego’s “trait bait?” Who better than these eerie emissaries of Samsara to push us into a full and final confession that we were always disgusted with anything less than The Imperishable? Why do minds love to lament this kind of perfect disaster? Because when we fall in love with the Self, we perish.

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