June Transit Update: Brainstorming the second half of 2016

brainstorming-1486117-640x480JUNE IS A TRANSITION month from “two steps forward, one step back” into slow-building forward momentum. Now that Mercury retrograde has gone direct on May 22nd, the contours of the second half of the year (July through December) start to become clear. Giddy plans stop backfiring because they’ve fermented into something nonconceptual and heartfelt enough to be true to our soul. Come July, ego’s proud fantasy of do-ership is finally ground down enough for the great “will of what is” to start sneaking through us with gusto.

Yes, I know. This past retrograde season wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy. On top of that, virtually all of June is overshadowed by a mutable grand cross involving Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto that can be downright disorienting and Hollyweird- especially while Venus is pulled into it, until the 13th. Ugh. How many cycles of expansion, contraction and stasis can a relationship stand before it finally exhausts itself into mysterious, no-mind flow? Coupled or solo, it’s just you and God until July.

Still, a new light is dawning. As June continues to unwind it’s time to step out of that hunkered down hibernation mode and meet with a friend or three on the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 20th to co-vision the second, more opportunity-littered, half of 2016. Too pragmatic to snip images from magazines and paste them onto a vision board? Pity. Perhaps it’s time to tune into the Saturn- Neptune square (exact on June 17th) begging you, even now, to notice how the body is changing and aging in front of a timeless presence that, if savored regularly enough, might give you (and all your friends) the courage to grey gracefully. It’s a simple equation, really: No divine play, no respite from the “you die and you rot” mantra endlessly looping in the grim twilight of the ego’s subconscious. Don’t fool yourself: that hard-hearted Darwinian “manifester” is not only sniff-able to everyone; it’s the worst kind of STD.

Got travel plans? Schedule now, then leave in early July. Yes, it’s safe to get excited! You may not feel it yet, but a sea change is upon us. The collective psyche is ramping up for June 29th when, after fifteen weeks, Mars goes direct in Scorpio. One by one, those delayed desires and ambitions get green lighted. Then we get to contend with the opposite “problem:” the Machiavellian urge to do just about anything to fulfill them.

Mandate of the month: become a connoisseur of the mind’s pent-up pushing during the final home stretch of Mars retrograde. That way, you’ll slide into July with enough equanimity to partake in a healthy dose of deal-clinching and desire-quenching. Too distracted and depressed to sit with yourself in the days and weeks preceding Mars direct? Too busy “being productive” to let timeless presence turn the dystopian nightmare into an endearing fantasy? Prepare to become one of those wretched Walmart shoppers on Black Friday.

The genealogy of June

Perhaps the best way to understand the personality of this temporal Being we call “June” is to trace his genealogical roots back to the place where archetypal egg and sperm first met: March 20th, the astrological new year and birth place of the sign, Aries. To keep things concise and grounded (higher octave Gemini), let’s use the body as a metaphor.

The Aries head (March/April) gives the soul (and each new year) a headquarters of identity, a separate somebody status and container within which to realize, evolve and uniquely express the One Being. The Taurus neck (April/May) provides this hairy headquarters with a downward plunging taproot into the five senses so the soul can show up fully in the body, on the earth, as it is. The Gemini arms, hands, lungs and nervous system (May/June) probe and network outward, developing the social and intellectual skills needed to language, connect and interact. Finally, the Cancer breasts and stomach (June/July) provide safe havens for emotional self-reckoning and rest for that harried orphan: the Gemini mind.

What does all this mean for you? Simple: June wants to set the stage for a rambunctious rebirth of Aries passion and will-to-live that bursts into full, technicolor expression this July. How? By ventilating your once grounding and stabilizing – but now stagnant and dulling – Taurus routines with more spontaneous, Gemini interplay. Why? So you can feel the exhilaration of being God’s sock puppet, providing steady Cancer comfort to the beleaguered, retro-weary soldiers shuffling all around you.

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