January 2016 Transit Update: Staunch and Steadfast

JANUARY BEGINS with a Mercury Retrograde on the fifth, squared by Mars. This is a call to action – perhaps a chiropractic adjustment for your career. For three days, Mercury will move backwards into Aquarius, followed by 17 days in Capricorn. Use the first week to boldly inquire into how you might inject more humanitarian vision and foresight into your Capricorn career and ways of serving. Then, reduce outward movement, do some soul-searching, and set some gutsy, soul-inspired goals for the month. Do the “re-words:” Revise that manuscript. Research. Repair.

Feeling dry, isolated? Invite others to introspect with you. Ask: What percentage of the stress you feel in your work is positive, creative and purposeful? Careful… Allow the answers to motivate, rather than depress. The soul wants us to serve in ways that are immersive and dissolving of self-image. That’s the jackpot. January is here show us how.

Why should you subject yourself to such a sober regimen? Well, its not just strategic; it’s your rudder in a choppy sea. You see, this month is not just retrograded; it’s awash in the final Uranus/Pluto square (within 1 degree). One by one, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and, later, Venus all activate and trigger this square.

Got planets 14-18 degrees in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)? The global tug-of-war between institutionalized power and individual freedom gets a bit more personal for you. No matter. The question remains the same for everyone: How steadily can you attend to your soulful goals, even as these two planetary titans duke it out on the socioeconomic stage?

Dates to pay particular attention to:

Jan 9 and 23 – The new Moon is in Capricorn and the full Moon is in Leo. Both trigger the Uranus/Pluto square. The New Moon is a cosmic doorway to a fresh start. Uranus/Pluto asks: What creative disruptions are you willing to endure to make room for this new life? Announcing your intention to pursue a new role and/or life-structure could be threatening to some, creating push-back. Expect that to come to a head on the full Moon in Leo. Your job: empowering them even as you rock the boat.

Jan 22 and 30 – Mercury Retro conjunct Pluto. Good days for intensely focused research, writing and turning yourself into a knowledge sponge. Bad days for succumbing to suspicion and oozing control.

Ready to master January? Try posting the following phrase somewhere prominent in your home:

What watches reputation and the desire for success? Is presence competent or inept?

January Transits

Jan 1 Mercury enters Aquarius
Jan 3 Mars enters Scorpio
Jan 5 Mercury Retrograde
Jan 7 Jupiter Retrograde
Jan 8 Mercury Retrograde enters Capricorn
Jan 9 New Moon in Capricorn
Jan 20 Sun enters Aquarius
Jan 23 Venus enters Capricorn
Jan 23 Full Moon in Leo
Jan 25 Mercury Direct

Next Mercury Retrograde: April 29-May 2, 2016

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