Intuitive Recognition Skills for Capricorn   

capricornAs you read through this list of Capricorn characteristics, please remember that they do not so much point to a separate somebody, as to the One Being attempting to dream lucid in a particular kind of ego. In other words, don’t fall for the trait bait! What you are witnessing is the outer circumference of a divinely-ordained style of awakening; a storyless Presence in the throes of waking up to itself.

As you contemplate Capricorn’s traits and predispositions, allow yourself to feel into the temptations and insecurities that come along with this archetype. Let your heart break for Capricorn’s positively intended, but unskillfully expressed, heart. There. Now you not only have more compassion and resource in the presence of such souls, you can more shrewdly navigate those patches of time (transits) that are colored by the Capricorn archetype.

What does meditating on personality traits have to do with navigating periods of time? Plenty. Healing our relationship with the archetypal flavors of personality, we make peace with the archetypal flavors of time. Suppose you’re moving through a time of life that is heavily influenced by Saturn (ruler of Cap). Having practiced penetrating to the positive intention of Capy people, you are more likely to meet this period of potential aridity and sober lessons with more humility and grace.

Archetype: The strategist

Key Phrase: “I use”

Dates: December 21 – January 20 (Dates vary year to year)

Polarity: Yin

Element: Earth

Color: Walnut Brown

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Body Rulership: Bones, joints, knees, skin, teeth.
(The body parts that provide structure, boundaries and solidity)

Animal: Seagoat

Aura: Look for a strong projection of austerity and a “get the work done” demeanor. Often sober, if not serious, with dry sense of humor. Self-contained, disciplined, methodical, with emotions that rarely show. Often dark-skinned, slender, thin neck, marked cheek bones and sharp, pointed nose.

Face: swarthy, olive or tan complexions are common. Often angular, sculpted features, tight to the bone. Forehead narrow between temples, sometimes with melancholic frown lines. Looks (and feels) old when young and often looks progressively younger and more relaxed with age – as if they’ve transcended the ravages of time by learning to work so smoothly within it.

Eyes: Cool, dark, calculating and steady. Unsentimental.

Walking Style: Look for a heavy, leaden quality that moves smoothly and surefootedly forward nonetheless. Purposeful.

Talking Style: Listen for a sensible business tone: smooth and persuasive. Calculated, grounded expressions. Skillful in debate. Love of dialectic.

Feminine: Deep, serious eyes. Officious. Look for a statuesque, formal kind of beauty (the sober poise of the model). Often slender neck. Outwardly steady, inwardly moody. Passionate abandon displayed only when they feel emotionally and physically secure. Commits slowly to partner. Recognizes and values business aspect of marriage (prenuptial?). Loyal and close to family. Smiles are sparse but uncommonly wide and beautiful.

Masculine: Authoritative, work-focused. Makes guarded, strategic assessments. The relentless, persevering loner who will survive. Genuineness mixes with steely calculation. Conservative. Excellent teacher, principle, lover of history/tradition. Dress: dark, subdued, usually conventional. Both sexes can turn cynical and pessimistic when they fail to meet their own goals.

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