Intuitive Recognition Skills for Aquarius    

aquariusAS YOU READ through this list of Aquarian characteristics, please remember that they do not so much point to a separate somebody, as to the One Being attempting to dream lucid in a particular kind of ego. In other words, don’t fall for the trait bait! What you are witnessing is the outer circumference of a divinely-ordained style of awakening; a storyless Presence in the throes of waking up to itself.

As you contemplate these Aquarian traits and predispositions, allow yourself to feel into the potential excesses and insecurities that come along with this archetype. Let your heart break for Aquarian’s positively intended, but unskillfully expressed, heart. There. Now you not only have more compassion and resource in the presence of such souls, you can more shrewdly navigate those patches of time (transits) that are colored by the ruler of Aquarius: Uranus.    
What does meditating on personality traits have to do with navigating periods of time? Plenty. Healing our relationship with the archetypal flavors of personality, we make peace with the archetypal flavors of time. Suppose you’re moving through a season of life that is heavily influenced by Uranus. Having practiced penetrating to the positive intention of electrically alive, freedom-loving and unpredictable Aquarian people, you are more likely to meet periods of sudden, paradigm-rocking change and chaotic enlivenment with more relaxation, trust and flow.

Intuitive Recognition Skills for Aquarius

Key Phrase: “I Know”
Archetype: The Individualist
Dates: January 21-February 19 (Varies slightly year to year)
Polarity: Yang
Element: air
Color: Turquoise
Ruling Planet: Uranus, the great liberator
Body Rulership: ankles, shins, calves, nervous system.

Aura: Look for a cool, friendly, approachable kind of detachment with a hint of eccentricity. Often a frequent use of the word “friend, brother and sister.” Usually strong build, wide shoulders and electric eyes. Outwardly: relaxed charisma. Inwardly: restless, buzzy. the loner/individualist with a keen, energized intelligence that periodically erupts into provocative, tradition-challenging statements. Prefers uncomplicated friendships over freedom-threatening intimacies. Reticence to make appointments and schedules that bind. Spontaneous, “stop-go” approach to projects, working frenetically, then going into seclusion to replenish. Future-focused, visionary and transpersonal, they often feel “different,” as if they were on the outside looking in.

Face: Often noble nose and lips full at the center and thin at the edges.

Hair: Usually blonde, sandy or light brown. Emanates a curious mixture of cold practicality and trickster eccentricity.

Eyes: Electric glow with diffuse quality, as if they were focused on the greater field in which you are emerging. Usually vibrant blue, green or gray.

Walking Style: Scans ahead for connection, eyes in the clouds or ponderous and disembodied.

Talking Style: Buzzy, brilliant discussions about the future – particularly social reform, technology and consciousness. Vulnerable with well-established friends only.

Feminine: Open, progressive and independent. Alluring aloofness. Has pulse on planet. Collaborative community involvements. Attracted to trend-setting, visionary partners who stimulate their mind and are too engaged with the community to even think of limiting their freedom. Both sexes look beyond the immediate, personal and self-centered to the interests of humanity and the world.

Masculine: Global citizen. Many friends, few intimates. Finds it challenging to settle down into steady,
predictable relationship without plenty of space and freedom. Open-minded about world progress, but more rigid when it involves changing personal behavior. Naturally scientific, fix-it-themselves types. Absent minded professor? Both sexes: ahead of their time. Psychic precognition?

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