February 2016 Transit Update: Progressive vision meets pragmatic action

USE THE FIRST WEEK of February to self-reckon. Pluto is conjunct Mercury trine Jupiter, a great time to sit in front of an uncommonly vast, empty pair of eyes – a beloved who is still enough to listen you into being as you slowly, meditatively untie the knot of last month’s Mercury Retro.

Now that you’ve shaken this astrological hangover, get ready to celebrate the new Moon in Aquarius on Feb 8th as if it were a kind of belated New Years Eve. Why? Because the ensuing Saturn/Uranus trine (which continues on for the next three months), offers you the vision and strategic follow-through needed to ground a brand new vision for 2016. Are you mad enough to thank the socioeconomic stage for heaving and splintering, pushing you to pivot fast into a new work paradigm? Are you Pisces enough to envision the accumulated fear porn in your head as a massive array of black lights that make your soul-inspired dreams pop out even stronger?

Time to get real about your soul’s true situation: you are living through a season of collective divine discontent (Jupiter in Virgo conjunct Neptune) and folks are restlessly scanning for fearless, sighted souls who haven’t lost the longer incarnational view. Together, we are moving through Aquarius, the archetype of friendship, visionary collaboration, team-building and sangha. Bottom line: we wake up together, or not at all. Ask: Which friends nurture creative engagement and faith in humanity? Which one’s bond through subtle cynicism, lowering our immunity to the plague of disenfranchised survival and empty escape?

Use the final week of February to tap into a visionary “second wind,”  as symbolized by the Feb 22nd full Moon in Virgo and the Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. The dissolving structures of the matrix (Saturn/Neptune square) are testing our resolve – poking and prodding us to fine tune the so-called “mundane” details of our humanitarian project until it has a life of its own. Tell me now, is there anything more fulfilling than watching the piecemeal accomplishments of ego coalesce into a realized calling of the soul? 

February Transits

Feb 8- New Moon in Aquarius
Feb 13- Mercury enters Aquarius
Feb 16- Venus enters Aquarius    
Feb 19- Sun enters Pisces
Feb 22- Full Moon in Virgo

Next Mercury Retrograde: April 29-May 2, 2016

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