The Mystical Allure of Terrorism

terrorismWE ARE NOT AT WAR with “bad” personalities; we are at war with personality, itself. A confused and angry part of us wants to rain death down on whatever orphaned sacks of skin remind us of the soul-killing me-stories that lurk inside of us. Failing to locate our self as the tender witness of our own inner terrorist, we are bound to declare war on an external one.

Bottom line: our automated ways of inhabiting consciousness are existentially “funding” the terrorists and nothing less than the battle scars of meditation have even a chance of stopping us.

When was the last time you were paradigmatically nuanced enough to catch yourself feeling grimly time-bound, chugging along on a conveyor belt to death? Can’t remember? Not good. Why? Because this is the default setting of every ego and “waking up” means smearing the Neptunian salve of compassion on this grim Saturnian scar.

The Saturn/Neptune square presents us with the perfect opportunity to get spiritually real enough to confess:

1) The churning evidence of separation that we call “the planet” is inherently depressing and we do not truly wish to save it.

2) Our energetically obtuse, identity-grasping habits of mind have numbed us to timeless presence, turning us into cynical orphans.

Sound depressing? Yes and no. Existential burn out is exactly what this drunk Halloween was designed to push us into. Overwhelmed by the endless waves of spiritual refugees (separate somebody’s), the only sane move is to turn our attention in the direction of divine presence. The gift of Saturn/Neptune is how it brings our nameless, homesick angst to a conscious head.

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