December 2015 Transit Update: The paradigm that breeds jihad

AT THE BRINK OF DEATH, autobiography makes no sense. As ego surrenders back into the One telling the story of our life, even prayers become nervous clinging. Like the final moments before a total lunar eclipse, a timeless hush comes over us. Why wait? asks December. Is not every me-story an orb going dark? The Saturn/Neptune square says, “get spiritually real:” the view from our hospice bed may well be clouded with morphine. Now is the time to practice allowing the loving vastness to roll over us with fully savored presence.  

Oh, I see… you’d rather stay “positive,” focus on the sliver of light that remains and let “the vastness thing” take care of itself. Time to replay the Nov 13th Paris attack. See the machine gun spray sweeping across the bleachers? Okay, quickly now, before the dream turns solid, invite Neptune in to pixilate and soften the scene. No more ISIS; just god-thirsty little boys perforating you with a question:
Is our DNA awash 24/7 in a holy wi-fi field, or are we chugging along, orphaned on a conveyor belt to death, secretly longing to be plucked from this Saturnian sleigh ride – radicalized, perhaps, into some brain-pickling Neptunian cult?

Yes, boys and girls, it’s time to ask: Is my fear of being eclipsed by loving vastness feeding the paradigm that breeds jihad? 

Planetary Portends

These are delirious, disorienting times. If you have personal planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) between 4 and 10 degrees, the Saturn/Neptune square is moving a magnifying glass over your numbing strategies. Tis’ the season to bring the broken heart of compassion to the machine gun spray of mind. 

In such an emergent, paradigm-dissolving time, best to keep things simple and direct. For this reason, I’ve whittled December’s tangled transits down to one, simple inquiry:

How can I push past my confusion, discouragement and lethargy without perpetrating inner violence or arousing outer power struggle?

There now. Whatever war-for-profit thought-worms are released into the collective psyche by this month’s bombastic, hard-ass Mars/Uranus/Pluto T-square, you have your trusty koan to ground and steady you. 

Making plans (and purchases) for late December and January? Best to get ’em nailed down before the 19th when we enter the pre-Mercury Retro shadow zone. January: a month of unmitigated rest and retreat.

December Transits

Dec 4- Venus enters Scorpio
Dec 9- Mercury enters Capricorn
Dec 19- Pre-Mercury Retro shadow zone begins
Dec 21- Sun enters Capricorn
Dec 25- Full Moon in Pisces
Dec 30 – Venus enters Sagittarius
Jan 1- Mercury enters Aquarius

Next Mercury Retrograde: Jan 5-26, 2016

Important Outer Planet Aspects

Dec 6-Mars square Pluto 
Dec 10- Mars opposite Uranus
Dec 19/20- Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Uranus

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