Pure Pisces Protest: The seditious hush of flash mob meditations   

 pisces protest
A NEW ANARCHIST MOVEMENT is forming. The crimes they push against are so unspeakable, so urgent, that the cleverest, most media-grabbing protest sign would only defile and spit upon their cause. Impossible to co-opt and more frightening than the Black Bloc, these protesters do something far worse than destroy physical property; they deface the walls of ego. Even now, as you read these words, throngs of them are pouring into town squares, and parks all over the planet to detonate the dirtiest of the dirty bombs: group silence. 
They’re organized. They have sophisticated websites, recruitment teams and — believe it or not — these ethereal agitators of the police state are growing at an alarming rate.  I dare you: click on this link, then scroll down to “locations.” Yes please, do it right now……..All done? Great. Now, shake off the shock and ask yourself:   
“What if communion is the next Bob Dylan?”

(Okay, wait, wait. You did not just read that. No twinge of 60’s-like “hopefulness for mankind” was excited, and even if it was, it was probably just some dislodged piece of psilocybin detritus from a more naive time, so forget about it. You are the exact same person you were when you began reading this article, okay? Alright then. You may now resume reading).

But, oh my God, what if it’s true?

Well, that would mean you might spend a few moments (a few moments that theoretically could turn into a lifetime) where you stop flashing that bogus boomer badge emblazoned with the phrase, “corporate-induced, full-time cynic.”  You know, that pinned-on thing you sometimes confuse with your face?

Wait. I didn’t mean it that way. Let’s start over.

The movement is intriguing, you say, but you’re too busy, disabled or proud to drag your butt out there. No problem. You just get online and donate, right? Or mention the phenomenon to some unemployed kid with enough sap rising to easily recover from a day out there on the grass or cement or whatever.

Great. Problem solved. Now, not a single corner of your virtually supportive psyche will feel regret a few years from now when you realize you missed the chance to bodily participate in these historically unprecedented, worldwide group meditations in public spaces with sentient strangers of all ages, cultures and creeds in support of the one, remaining revolutionary agenda that could possibly, just possibly, save the planet: Ending corporate control of government.

Furthermore, you say, this movement could just be a spiritual flash in the pan — a Gandhian gaffe, if you will.  And even at the level of pure novelty or Sunday afternoon distraction, you probably didn’t miss anything because there’s no way of knowing whether you really could have had that thrilling sense of rising up out of the underclass/overclass paradigm,  throbbing together as one great, global heartbeat. No way of knowing whether that life-changing, post-protest conversation at a cafe (with someone you might previously have deemed too freaky or conservative to talk to) actually could have occurred.

Yes indeed, I totally agree… no way of knowing.

I guess we’re good then.

Have a nice day.     
P.S. For related inspiration, check out OccupyYoga  

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